Stormy times thanks to good leadership successfully master managers workshops with horses to help improve the style of leadership. The managers in the boardrooms is of particular importance in troubled times. You should somehow avert the overpowering appearing crisis and calm at the same time their employees and keep on course – a job that has it all. Leadership qualities of senior executives are needed especially in times of crisis, because just then it goes not just to economic key figures. Good managers understand security to give to motivate employees to develop and retain. Vision and credibility back into focus, reputation counts more than in times of success in the crisis. Can you learn these skills? The training concept HERD boss gives its participants in dealing with an assistant coach horse the success factors of natural leadership with a high practical relevance and fascinating transfer possibilities in day-to-day management.

According to a survey of the OGM in the D-A-CH region see 70% of managers of personal credibility and authority as the central requirements for a successful Executive. Leadership is a central theme in our seminars. “, says Michael Stieghorst KRUPS consultancy partner CONSULTANTS, exactly what constitutes natural leadership: authenticity, as well as clarity in leadership, communication, and role model.” We teach the key factors our participants, as they lead their employees even in these troubled times with calm and prudence.” 2/3 of the attendees in the HERD boss seminars indicate that they directly covered and successfully changed her leadership style after training. More than 90% of the participants would attend a HERD boss seminar according to own at any time and tell a friend about this. Around 70% of the seminar participants perceive much more consciously and others after training, as various surveys and feedback sessions have resulted in.

Sandra Schneider, coach, and co-founder of the training concept HERD boss, shows the added value of training with horses: “horses are an incredibly sensitive feedback donor. Our seminars participants learn a lot about their effect on others. Horses clearly reflect tension, nervousness, uncertainty or aggressiveness of their counterpart. Non-authenticity and an adjustment is revealed immediately – just like in humans, only such reactions occur in humans subliminally like for example ‘gravel-feeling’. “But the result is the same: uncertainty, lack of confidence and no Entourage.” Not only but especially in crises community is asked the personal life, teamwork, motivation power and authenticity. Order and riser, efficiency and motivation are employee and stakeholder expectations and what they also mobilized to leave existing “comfort zones”.