Month: July 2019

Macbook Expectations

Because PC manufacturers flood the market with new laptops based on Intel Core i processors, waiting for the refresh MacBook Pro and MacBook Air is building every week. Here's a short wish list of MacBook, that could serve as a temporary balm to soothe the agitated crowd of Apple. Truism, for whom nothing is to be a success, applies to queues extremely MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Apple has revised the calculation of the laptop and gave birth to me and projects from just about every a major manufacturer laptop. And it's easy to see why: Apple kept sleek but sturdy all-aluminum notebook equipped with a stunning LED display and powerful graphics standard silicon.

So how can Apple to lead it? Here are five ways. Five ways to best brilliant design * Powerful processor: no surprise here, but in the end – something that everyone expects. Intel Core i7 and Core i5 processors provide plenty of power, while their 32 nanometer technology is easy on energy consumption. * Large graphics: it is – another no-brainer. Or ATI or Nvidia will do. Intel offers a better integrated graphics, but let's assume that Apple will continue to avoid Intel integrated graphics in favor of an autonomous, or 'discrete' graphics from ATI and Nvidia.

Key: Nominated by the corresponding pixel power, but not so much that it melts the aluminum. * Cooler Connections: USB 3.0 would be good, since it is inversely compatible and much faster than 2.0. Then there is on the edge of the blade of advanced technology called Light Peak. Intel and Apple were both working on it. Light can carry data peak at 10 gigabits per second in both directions simultaneously, and Intel expects this to reach 100 gigabits per second over the next decade. * Increased radio: 3G/4G built. This is – a long-standing item on the wish list MacBook.

In Fulda Rodges

These achievements are apparently honored by the customers. “Jurgen Wolpert: alongside our high reliability it is especially our consistent focus on solutions, as well as the very personal customer service, featuring our family business.” Employees also benefit from the positive development of the company: the random logistics group last year paid 356.467 euros for the employees in the company pension plan and that about 28 percent more than in the previous period. New business spurred growth In terms of reliability is that random logistics group a special appreciation also for medium-sized networks and collaborations. “For this reason another distribution area for the successful night express night network was recently Star Express” (NSE) taken over. At the new random location in Unna, 15 employees to provide transport solutions worry at night and for the greater Dortmund and Hagen. The step in adjacent regions fits perfectly in our long-term growth strategy”, says random managing director Heinz-Gunter Basell.

A further attractive new business recorded the complete logistics provider on the site of Fulda. It works here in the year 2009 logistics opened Center in Fulda-Rodges since April 2012 particularly closely with a production site in the vicinity of milupa”together. For the specialized baby food Danone “subsidiary has taken over the random logistics group large parts storage, order picking and distribution processes. Around 7,000 pallet locations run in stock for an average. Heinz-Gunter Basell: We have upgraded our technical and organizational logistics center and around 700,000 euros invested in new equipment and training. In Fulda Rodges we pick after pick-by-voice’. “We have also been to HACCP and an internal audit of Danone” certified. ” RANDOM logistics group remains family-owned another important milestone to the sustainable development and to preserve the random logistics group as a family business put the holder with an important personal decision: Peter Muller Kronberg, son of the partner of Dr.