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Dolce Vita In Southern Europe

Holiday country Italy every year attracts Italy crowds of visitors from all over the world. Italy par excellence belongs to the most popular holiday destinations among German holidaymakers. The diversity of the country is one of its greatest attractions. The online travel agency ab-in-den-urlaub.de presents some peculiarities of Italy. Stays in the most popular cities of Italy, such as Rome or Venice, can be quite expensive. Center for Colon Cancer Research USC recognizes the significance of this.

With good preparation, vacationers will find also cheap hotels in Italy. In addition, the offers in the area of holiday homes are sometimes very attractive. Who longs for peace and Sun, should embark the numerous islands of the country on one. Available options are for example, Sicily and Sardinia, as well as smaller islands such as San Pietro or Asinara and the archipelago of la Maddalena. Volcanoes there Italy also. Other leaders such as Daryl Katz offer similar insights. In Sicily, Mount Etna characterizes the panorama and will be closely monitored the activities of Mount Vesuvius near Naples. Italy has 20 regions which each have their own charm and are worth a visit. In addition, Italy is worldwide known for culinary delights. More information: magazine/showArticle/article/1182 / University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Wellness Weekend

Book a wellness weekend in a matching Polish Topwellnesshotel, which bring vitality back into swing and pamper the stressed-out body. Berlin, may 28, 2010 – wellness weekends and getaways are popular with German Urlabern and repeatedly asked. Because many there want to bring their life force back into swing in the modern, hectic time with a wellness weekend and pamper the stressed-out body with soothing massages, baths and beauty treatments. A short wellness break in first class spa hotels in Germany, Austria and Italy is a delicate matter for the relaxation for body and mind but also relatively expensive. And many people yearn for a wellness break in the luxurious ambience, but planned no wellness short break for cost reasons. The neighbouring country Poland offers an alternative for many, because prices for spa services are relatively cheaper in Poland thanks to the favourable exchange rate of the euro against the Polish Zloty.

Thats nice that much during a vacation in Poland can be kept, without sacrificing quality. Polish first class wellness hotels offer a perfect wellness service and provide for the well-being of their guests at the highest level. And this is a spa in Poland is still an insider tip for most German citizens. Wellness short trips and wellness weekends are ideal to meet the neighbouring country Poland as wellness. Polish hotels welcome international guests and offer various arrangements for a relaxing weekend. The most arrangements include two to four nights with half-board and exquisite spa treatments. Vacationers can also book a hotel stay with meals and free access to the wellness area and separately at the hotel their desired applications. And the selection of beauty and body treatments leave no wish unfulfilled.

Polish Spa Hotels have a wide range of treatments from classic massages ultra-modern spa centres, about Thai massages, Ayurveda massages, Polynesian massages to complete beauty treatments with the professional cosmetics of international top brands such as BABOR, Thalgo, ISABELLE LANCRAY and THALION, BIODROGA offer. The wellness travel provider Poland Wellnessurlaub.de offers an extensive range of wellness at after all over Poland. Thanks to insider knowledge good Spa Hotel Poland can be selected carefully. From the Baltic Sea to the Polish mountains, whether sea, mountain, water sports or culture lovers – the provider takes each according to his taste, his needs and the money bag, the right offer for a dreamed wellness short break. Contact: Medical tourism Poland Poland Wellnessurlaub.de 13587 Berlin Tel: 030 71575964 Web: corporate information / short profile: the online Wellness vacation Agency Poland Wellnessurlaub.de is a mediator for exclusive and high-quality beauty and wellness, wellness programs and matching wellness and preventive and rehabilitative treatments in Poland. Thanks Insider knowledge good wellness hotels and health resorts in Poland can be chosen. For providing the services, customers owe the Agency no fee. Poland Wellnessurlaub.de is available through the travel portal.

Federal Republic

Many of us have holiday in South Tyrol is still the beautiful weather of Pentecost in the head and it is now really warm to the heart of recreation when they think of the upcoming summer vacation. Finally, the press reported not too long ago, that discounts of up to 20 percent when booking the next summer holidays can wave. Of course, the classic distant intra-European destinations such as Spain or Portugal for the summer holidays be booked still like. However, many people not always too much in the distance travelling, to spend their holidays. A good holiday destination is South Tyrol. South Tyrol is the most northerly and largest province in Italy and offers lush mountains and valleys that invite hiking South Tyrol. Also a long walk through the beautiful Woods may not be missing. For sporty active South Tyrol offers many possibilities, for example, mountain bike tours of all levels of difficulty and long Nordic walking and hiking trails. Also horse enthusiasts the breed of the Haflinger in the Tyrol and South Tyrol area is home full at their expense. The geographical location of the resin is mainly for German-speaking tourists of great benefit. Through its direct location in Austria, South Tyrol is easily accessible from all parts of Austria and also of the Federal Republic. The holidays can therefore sometimes begin with relatively short commutes. Advantage is also for languages widespread in South Tyrol and dialects. More than 2/3 of the population of South Tyrol speaks German. This fact is very especially tourists that are not quite as powerful, other languages except German. As you can see, has a lot to offer all South Tyrol and is ideal to spend his upcoming summer holidays there. However, South Tyrol is interesting not only for sporty active. Also luxury and wellness come here at their own expense, many hotels offer various arrangements with beauty and wellness programs. You can find more information and offers to do so over the Internet.

Romantic Wellness Holidays

The first luxury Earth House in the Bavarian Forest in Viechtach (tvo). In the Bavarian Forest, the first luxury Earthhouse to relax now invites: A floating bed solid oak, a whirlpool embedded in Bavarian go the simple natural stones and coloured, backlit glass, a glass designed showers of enormous proportions, in the old stone resort in Viechtach, earthy and the exceptional, extravagant a heavenly connection. From the outside, the House up nestled on a slope about Viechtach, is covered in part with large stone boulders from the surrounding area. Inspired by nature, master carpenter puts Anton Schreiner much emphasis in the development and construction of houses on natural surfaces and local wood. It connects old sent with new it emerges pure, tangible and tactile luxury. Far away from any hustle and bustle hotel guests enjoy a unique atmosphere. Here it can snuggle up undisturbed. With its luxurious spa and the own kitchenette is the Earth House ideal for romantic holidays for couples. But families also feel contented in the Earth House. The Tower bed on the first floor, for example, which is accessible only through a hatch is the hit for little adventurers.

Latest Wellness News

beauty24 spa vacation three years successfully prove TV wellness boxing success at HSE24 Berlin, September 24, 2009. On Sunday, 27 September, the wellness trip organizer beauty24 celebrates its three year anniversary at the shopping channel, HSE24, with a special broadcast parallel to the Bundestag election. Three spa packages will be presented exclusively on the two-hour birthday programme. In the last three years, beauty24 proved that the sale of wellness in the TV can be successful. In 2006, the cooperation was an absolute novelty for the wellness industry. beauty24 was the first provider, offered the wellness in the program of the shopping channel HSE24. The response to the new broadcast format was extremely positive.

Due to the great interest of the audience, the cooperation was always further expanded. So far, over 6,000 travel about HSE24 were sold. Prerequisite for distribution via the tele-shopping channel was the development of the beauty24 wellness-box. The wellness-box, the customer can opt for a specific Wellness package. This Arrangement can be redeemed at one of the participating wellness hotels throughout Germany within two years of beauty24. Roland Fricke, CEO of beauty24, is extremely satisfied with the cooperation: “the current trends show that wellness packages can excellently be marketed on television. Especially in times of crisis the customers want to afford something high quality.” The show is broadcast on Sunday, the 27 from 4-6 pm.

About beauty24 beauty24 is one of the largest wellness trip organizer. “Under the motto quality at the best price” can select customers on the Wellness Web site from over 6,000 well-being feel programs in over 550 hotels, which offer in Europe focuses. About HSE24 whether fashion, jewelry, beauty & wellness, or anything for a nice home: the homeshopping specialist presents 13 years around the clock 365 days in the year a varied shopping experience.