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Denkmalgeschutzten Building

The restoration of a protected object worth historical Gutshofer, charming lighthouses, stylish factory building! Who the step to the or in the home, has many possibilities: the chic loft apartment in the city centre, a small terraced houses on the outskirts of the city, or a family-friendly country house. Even building, prefabricated houses or renovating an old building in the years. Depending on how much you want to put home time and money into the project you must find the perfect solution for themselves. Away from standard prefab House who want to away from standartisieren prefab House and places emphasis on the individual and exceptionally for the renovation or reconstruction of an old building is interesting. Newcastle University has much experience in this field. “Keyword of landmarked building”. What many first place quenched ablehen, fearing huge costs and regulations, one consideration is worth with the right background knowledge and competent Partenern on the side! Heritage estates, factory buildings, mills, You can work out from this Rohdiamenten true jewellery lighthouses, castles with the necessary motivation.

Because nowhere’s lives are as individual and exceptional as in an object with historical background. With the authorities In advance we need agreements to clarify many details with the relevant authorities. The local monument authorities usually just prescribe what construction measures are allowed and which are not. This is useful because the original character of the building is to be obtained. So for example the framework of an estate must not simply plaster be, newly established window may be the latest of soundproofing and insulation technology, but need yet visually look like yesteryear.

Financing and tax benefits the financing of the rehabilitation of Denkmalgeschutzter objects provides for more accurate planning (here the best, an architect at the rate move, whose area of expertise is the preservation): once the building has been classified by the competent authority as a monument. can all the costs, which are advertising costs be recognized as in the Zusammenhjang with the restoration of the building and be discontinued completely steuererlich period of 12 years. But, requires the prior consent of the Office. Because measures are made, which were not approved by the monument authority, these benefits will not be counted. A monitoring of the Office is present from the beginning to the end of the planning and construction phase, in return but get the financial support”in the form of affirmative action. Support by the architect is advisable to pull a skilled person at the rate it for the renovation of the monument. Many architects have specialized in historic preservation and know the paths and obstacles to the authorities. The architect you can visualize in advance your wishes and ideas, the architect tells you which building measures are possible, such as the financing to be verst digit is what affirmative action there, etc. So, monument is your project” not’s in the way.

Construction Waste

The artificial sand produced by Hongxing sand maker greatly eases the gravel shortage situation; eases the ecological environment issue brought by the over-exploitation of river sand; and eases the construction waste problem brought by urban transformation and old houses demolition. At present, because of the shortage of natural sand, the artificial sand plays an increasingly important role in modern society. Especially at the situation that many cities halt the mining of river sand, the artificial sand has a much broader developing space. We all know that in China most of the cities are engaged in the transportation infrastructure and urban renovation project, which needs a lot of sand and gravel supply to meet the requirement of project. And the gravel with good quality is the premise of quality assurance of the entire project. Hongxing sand maker can produce the artificial sand with better quality than river sand. At the same time, Hongxing sand maker can produce the artificial sand with different specifications to meet the requirements of customers.Speaking of the urban renewal, our first thought is that large quantities of old buildings, dangerous buildings you are demolished, and the question is coming, these construction waste produced in the house demolition is difficult to destroy. Transporting to the landfill not only needs a lot of transportation fee, but also needs a great number of landfill disposal fees.

In addition, if we want to build house in the demolition place, we also need to purchase and transport the sand, which is also a considerable amount of costs. Why not buy a sand maker to produce the artificial sand with those construction wastes produced in the house demolition? As we all know, the bricks come from the clay, the cement blocks and sand blocks are also suitable for making artificial sand. Therefore, processing those materials in sand maker can produce artificial sand with good quality. That is the best way for the disposal of construction waste. Although the upfront investment is a little big, but the upper economic benefits is also considerable. Cement production line: crusher: