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Optimistic Outlook

Even in ancient times healers ever wonder why the man again and again want to contemplate a variety of colors, presented by nature, whether it's bright blue skies, lush green grass or blue boundless ocean. After much thought they surmised that perhaps the colors are endowed with magical powers. Later, based on the assumptions of the ancient sages, scientists have deduced the theory that served as the basis for color therapy – methods, recognized and modern science. The bottom line is that all the shades that exist in nature, emit radiation, which penetrates into the tissue, causing certain biochemical reactions, harmonizing the immune, endocrine, genital and nervous systems. And interestingly, the color does not necessarily see it as perceived by the skin cells.

One of the confirmations given experiment carried out by Austrian physicians. In its course, the participants were blindfolded and were invited to the first room with red walls, and then – with the blue. In the first doctors in the subjects recorded heart palpitations, and in the second it all fell into place – the pulse returned to normal immediately. Certain information flow reaction of the body due to the fact that each color carries with it certain information. Simply put, has individual character in the health of body and soul. For example, activates red cell functions, accelerates microcirculation, it awakens the life force, and suppresses inflammation. All its shades are good for anemia, menstrual and muscle pain, hypotension (low blood pressure) and cold. In psychological terms of red drives away sadness and negative emotions, is an excellent incentive for positive endeavors.

Fatty Acids

What are fats and whether you need to know about it at all? Do not consider this a rhetorical question. Fats are surrounded by numerous myths and stereotypes. "All fats – bad," "All vegetable oils are the same," "vegetable oil – vegetable, from He did not get fat "," Margarine – better than butter "… If you think about it, you can remember a few of these stamps. The Russians, according to the above-mentioned web-based survey, understand the difference between saturated and unsaturated fats worse than Europeans and Americans. More than half of our compatriots, it turns out, can not distinguish one from another. In terms of chemistry, fat – a group of chemicals that contain fatty acid. Although all fats supply the body about the same amount of calories, they differ significantly in composition and have different effects on the body.

It is important that not all fats have a negative effect on health. Furthermore, fats are essential for all of us and can not be excluded from the diet without serious adverse effects, because: fat – this is a reserve source of energy, fats are necessary for the assimilation of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, fats are used for the synthesis of sex hormones and adrenal hormones, fats are composed of all cell membranes and membranes of nerve fibers and fats are still involved in the regulation of body temperature and process digestion. Finally, they give food taste and flavor, so we love fatty foods.