Month: March 2018

Christian West

We can affirm that the Bible contains in part the word of God, because she found the ten commandments and the Sermon on the mount, also some passages that have reached our days unadulterated, however if you take the Bible as a rule for life should say that many have used it to justify their misdeedsby por ejemplo example the Crusades, the Inquisition, or mass killings, with what is a daring and an insult affirm that everything that is in this book, which many catalogued as sacred, is what God wanted to transmit to men with his word. The fact that the Bible is not the word of God, completely unable to read even in the Bible itself. In Jeremiah, 8 there is a paragraph that says: do as you say: we are wise and the law of Yahweh is with us? Certainly the lying pens of the scribes made her lie this quote shows undoubtedly misleading style with which its writers introduced into the Bible what did not correspond to God, but however it has been attributed to the. An example clear that this is so gets us through Saint Paul who left the woman must remain silent and slaves must be subservient to the authorities. Phrases that have conditioned the story and very negatively influenced the development of life in the Christian West. However Jesus de Nazareth despite knowing that the woman had no no value at that time, not moved away it from itself, nor otherwise, rejected it, the featured numerous followers.

Jesus wanted his facts remain as symbols for humanity so that his steps could be followed. Passages as the woman in the well which told him: “you are a Jew, by what you talk to me? Don’t you know how to treat us? And he responds: I bring you the water of life. Or in another passage when he said to an adulterous: your sins are forgiven. We can clearly see the dissonance between what Jesus left us as an example to follow and as that more then others also said and got put in the Bible, being subsequently used as a pattern of behavior for almost 2000 years, with disastrous consequences that last to this day. original author and source of the article.

Mariah Carey MTV

EFE she was awarded best female artist, best look and live; While he did that for best male artist, world stage and pop music album. Rihanna, who started as a favorite with six nominations, has been the big loser of the ceremony to the not win any prize. He is honored in Frankfurt to the diva of pop Whitney Houston, who died in February. The show was broadcast in 160 countries and almost 700 million households. Singer Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber are top winners of European EMA awards of the American television MTV, with three awards respectively. Rihanna, who started as a favorite with six nominations, has been the big loser of the ceremony to the not win any prize.

MTV honored in Frankfurt the diva of pop Whitney Houston, who died last month of February, by his influence on pop music and his voice with the Global Icon Award at the European awards gala. American singer Alicia Keys, who played Girl on fire, He recalled the Houston race in the Festhalle in the German financial capital and said that the prize will be delivered to the family. The German model Heidi Klumm presented this noch 19th ceremony of MTV Europe Awards with six dressed in Versace in a Festhalle converted into a circus full of firework, laser and lighting. In addition, MTV also had a few minutes at the gala for the victims of Hurricane Sandy, that EE UU ravaged passes weeks. Award-winning singer Taylor Swift was awarded the EMA for best female artist, best look, and better direct, and the singer Justin Bieber won the award for best male artist, best world stage and best pop music album. Group One Direction won the EMA for the best new artist and biggest fans. The song Call me Carly Rae Jepsen Canadian maybe took the EMA for best song of the year and Gangnam Style of South Korean rapper PSY won the award for best video.

MTV re-introduced in this edition their awards in the category best electronic album, which took the French DJ David Guetta. M ejor hip hop album award was for Nicki Minaj and for best album rock for Linkin Park. Performances singer Rita Ora kicked off the gala with the interpretation of Ready for you. The Monster group was responsible for the second acting musical with the interpretation of We are young and Carly Rae Jepsen continued with Call me maybe. Singer Mariah Carey, who took the prize for the best new artist, presented the nominations to the sixteen European awards of MTV, who were chosen by viewers via the internet.