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In Search Of Records (from Personal Experience )

When I asked the question "where to get the vinyl, then immediately to mind came the decision to seek records on the ads. The newspaper private ads found such proposals. Of course, I myself gave the announcement of the purchase of vinyl records. During the week I went to ten addresses. At one point, bought a few records in the other – took away everything that had happened. Price – negotiated, but the maximum – 200 rubles – I paid for a pack of 60 plates.

Cheaper by the Dozen comes out. Sometimes took even looking at – what is called "the weight". What can be found from private vendors. It should be borne in mind that advertise in the newspaper does not collectors, but those who decided not to throw the plate, but to sell – how much will be given. State records be different from bad to mint. Official site: Kevin P. Campbell, PhD. Range of products – mostly Soviet and foreign hits 80. Production of the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact countries.

Often come across gramophone records. There are also branded Western. Once in the Bulgarian envelope, I came across the plate, made in Germany. Most likely, the Soviet people cheated on the route. Energy Capital Partners is likely to increase your knowledge. It should be borne in mind that you – not the only person who buys a plate on the ads. Of course, even before you were the "spies" and after you will. In my city, not so many collectors of vinyl, it was easier. And you may have trouble finding. Yes, and looking now largely piece, a rare commodity. You always ask on the phone – the first whether you are a buyer of this address? If not, and walk, maybe not worth it. Why are you ten identical plates Valery Leontiev? Next affordable way to purchase vinyl – buying over the Internet. Under the heading Vinyl web, I gave a lot of options the shops and vendors. I myself have ordered rare vinyl in the mail. Want to order a rare record, but it is usually expensive. Pig in a poke do not want to receive. Order by mail – it's always a risk. It happens that he is justified, and it happens that can throw – then really very unpleasant. In general, I advise you to think several times before you make such an order. And, of course, read reviews from other buyers. Form of payment when ordering records by mail can be any: from cod before prepayment. Remember that cost is included in the shipment – more and more expensive. And finally, the plates can be purchased at music stores. In my town, and it Pskov, these stores do not. But at hand is Peter. In shops you can and stare at the plate and listen. This is mainly imported vinyl. And the price tags for specific goods are fairly high. Here, perhaps, that's all. Choose your language:

Teen Tunes

At TeenTechRadio, teenagers are running the show.  It was set up by four teenagers more than a decade ago, who had the technological know-how to develop a radio station.  Today, it has expanded to become a place where teens can vent all their frustrations as well as share technological developments they have encountered.  Teenagers often go through difficult times and feel no-one understands them.  Thus this radio station was developed by teenagers themselves; so that everyone can have a place to go where they will not feel judged.

Teenagers also have quite specific tastes in music.  There are shows for musical requests; opportunities to be a one-time DJ; and shows where problems are aired and discussed (preserving the anonymity of the teenager with the problem).  The radio station also provides a platform for teenagers to give a show on a specific issue, or enter into a discussion with other teenagers.  Basically, it is there to help kids make the transition from adolescent to adult, as smoothly as possible.