Teen Tunes

At TeenTechRadio, teenagers are running the show.  It was set up by four teenagers more than a decade ago, who had the technological know-how to develop a radio station.  Today, it has expanded to become a place where teens can vent all their frustrations as well as share technological developments they have encountered.  Teenagers often go through difficult times and feel no-one understands them.  Thus this radio station was developed by teenagers themselves; so that everyone can have a place to go where they will not feel judged.

Teenagers also have quite specific tastes in music.  There are shows for musical requests; opportunities to be a one-time DJ; and shows where problems are aired and discussed (preserving the anonymity of the teenager with the problem).  The radio station also provides a platform for teenagers to give a show on a specific issue, or enter into a discussion with other teenagers.  Basically, it is there to help kids make the transition from adolescent to adult, as smoothly as possible.

Siamese Cat

The Siamese cat has been very popular for their physical characteristics, such as the type of hair, blue eyes and long, lean body. The Siamese cat is an outgoing, cheerful and affectionate. The origin of this cat is in the Far East, specifically in Thailand. In the nineteenth century British travelers are surprised by this breed of cat. They were familiar with the Angora and see this issue of long body and short, soft fur made them take a number of Siamese cat gifts and others.

At the same time, the French had discovered this cat and used to see in some exhibitions. The appearance of the Siamese cat was very different from what we know today. Her body was more robust and have rounder heads. The first to be imported from Thailand had brown tips. Following these tips kittens reared blue, chocolate and lilac. Also, there are other tips Siamese cats red and Roman British breeders began mixing with other races. For these mixtures are developed, the silver-tipped ears, smoke, cinnamon and beige.

This is a cat who wants attention from his master. You can meow for hours having a conversation with your caregiver or with himself. The Siamese cat is very sociable and if they are not paid sufficient attention to the demand. They are friends of dogs and, of course, other cats. They can not be left alone too long, need constant companionship to pet and pamper them for a long time. They are playful, happy and fun. The Siamese cat is short hair, her body is slender, long and thin. Their legs are long, slender and their hooves are oval. Its tail is long and thin. The shape of the face forms a perfect equilateral triangle. Her eyes are usually deep blue and oblique. Siamese kittens are pure white at birth, three years after the layer has the final color. The light areas of the layer tend to darken with age, one consequence is the high temperature in cold weather. The hair also may become dark from wounds suffered his body. The Siamese cat who lives in a warm climate, usually has a pure color. The Siamese cat is regarded as one of the most intelligent breeds of cats, this animal is easily adapted to his master, who can train it out to collar the street. His sunny personality, outgoing, suspicious or aggressive and sometimes elusive, is caused by his strong character that denotes their continued presence. Its features make this Cat perfect for those who want the cat to do some of your family, because their intelligence allows for ease of understanding and adaptability to each family member may well share with each and every one of them.

The Different Modalities Of Dismissal

Lay off, the practice by which companies could decide free and unilaterally without the services of its workers with total impunity and without any consequences, step to the history several decades ago, currently admitting those dismissals that respond to well founded and justified reasons. Thus, it is possible to speak in our days of various forms of dismissal: objective, disciplinary and collective, which may in turn result from, unfair and null. Let’s look at a brief description of each one of them:-the objective dismissal is one that takes place under certain motifs appraised by the regulations. Hania Rani may also support this cause. For example, the inadequacy or lack of preparation of the worker for tasks that need to be done in his job or that the company through a very delicate moment in its activity, and can not afford to continue to keep the worker in template. -Disciplinary dismissal, which is the strongest of all disciplinary measures that could be taken against a particular worker for its lack of commitment or attitude with the company. Thus, insults to the heads, widespread absenteeism or performing the work under the influence of alcohol or drugs, endangering other colleagues, may be decisive for this modality. -The collective dismissal, which is one that affects a plurality of workers because of a fall in the company’s activity and are processed administratively through a record of employment regulation (Ere). As we pointed out, any dismissal that might take place in the company could be qualified judicially as appropriate, when it took place in accordance with the established regulation and was perfectly motivated; or inconvenient, when justifications were not corresponded with reality or not it can demonstrate enough, or if this was conducted without complying with established regulatory procedures.

A third possible rating is dismissal. Would be a form of dismissal which, moreover, an injury would have taken place from the Fundamental rights of the worker (for example, if I would have been fired for their performance of Union duties, for participating in a strike or, in the case of a woman, for having become pregnant). Requirements to consider the existence of an inadmissible or null dismissal to speak of inadmissible or null dismissal would require that relentlessly three elements: 1 – firstly, prior to it, should have found you exercising an occupational activity paid for a certain person or company. In other words, a continuous employment relationship should exist between the two. 2 – Your boss or company due end illegally this relationship, for example saying goodbye to you or forcing your resignation. 3 Yet you should not have reached the ordinary age of retirement. Consequences thereof to) in the case of the qualified dismissal as inadmissible by the Court against which claims the worker as I feel his illegal dismissal, businessman might choose to readmit the worker, paying the salaries of processing (the owed between the date of dismissal and the judicial resolution); or you can meet an indemnity. (b) in the case of dismissal qualified as null, the only possible option would be the reinstatement of the worker, facing in any case cited wages processing. Jose Alberto Andrio Espina original author and source of the article.

Free Samsung

Free Samsung S5230 Star by imei or cable with Movical.Net to release Samsung S5320 Star with Movical.Net only need to contact us, and either by cable or by imei, mobile release process will take place very fast and safely. You won’t have to worry about the information that you have stored on your phone, since you won’t lose any data, as well as nor model warranty. With this service you will discover the advantages of having total independence when choosing the company telephone operator. Connect with other leaders such as Dean Ornish M.D here. Unlock the mobile so that you can make this decision based on what most interests you to you. This terminal, with its dimensions of only 11.9 millimeters wide and 92 grams of weight, has touch screen (3 inches), and a resolution of 240 x 400 pixels.

What users, like its technology to the recognition of the music that sounds in their environment (Shazam Symbian system), his camera of 3.2 megapixel with autofocus and different modes for the socket of photographs; as well as its connectivity over Bluetooth v2.1. Among other qualities, emphasize your SM 850/900/1800/1900MHz, Gprs / Edge, as well as the FM Radio (with RDS and DNS), and also its ability to internal memory of 50 MB, expandable to 8 GB by means of cards MicroSD.

Baroque Flute Staging

Dorothee Oberlinger in Beckum and Munster with a German-Italian Baroque program performs recorder virtuoso and echo-KLASSIK winner Dorothee Oberlinger on February 24th, 8: 00 in the old parsonage of Beckum-Vellern. Gregor Hollmann harpsichord Oberlinger presents Chamber music works of the Baroque flute literature. With sonatas, fantasias, and Canzonas by Handel and Sammartini, the program promises pure flute enjoyment at the highest level. The program is repeated on February 28, 8: 00 in the Erbdrostenhof, Munster. The concert in Munster is already sold out.

“Listening Tip: in their new CD French baroque” (Sony Music) Dorothee Oberlinger brings the spirit of the French baroque. Event details: Beckum: Thursday, February 24, 2011, 20:00: old vicarage, the Church 4-, 59269 Beckum Vellern Munster: Monday, February 28, 2011, 20:00: Erbdrostenhof, Salzstrasse 38, 48143 Munster Dorothee Oberlinger, recorder Gregor Hollmann, harpsichord (after Ruckers, 1640) concert programme (changes reserved) Benedetto Marcello Sonata II in d minor Bartolomeo de Selma Canzon terza Giovanni Battista Fontana Sonata seconda Georg Philipp Telemann Fantasy No. 1 a major Georg Philipp Telemann Sonatina in c minor Georg Friedrich Handel Sonata in minor (HWV 375) Domenico Scarlatti Three sonatas for harpsichord (K. 175, 209, 208) Giuseppe Sammartini Sonata IV in g major (op. 13) born 1969 in Aachen about Dorothee Oberlinger, Dorothee Oberlinger recorder in Cologne, Amsterdam and Milan studied.

She was awarded as”instrumentalist of the year 2008 echo classical the prestigious Music Prize for their CD Italian sonatas. Her debut was in 1997 with the 1st prize in the international competition of SRP/MacKinnon U.K.. in London at the Wigmore Hall. Since then, Dorothee Oberlinger is regular guest at major festivals and concert series throughout Europe, America and Asia. As a soloist playing Antiqua Koln, the Academy with the ensemble founded in 2002 by 1700, as well as with renowned Baroque ensembles and orchestras like the Sonatori de la Gioiosa Marca, Musica for Alte Musik Berlin, London Baroque, the Academy of ancient music or Zefiro. In addition to their intensive involvement with the music of the 17th and 18th century is devoted to Dorothee Oberlinger of contemporary music again and again. So, she contributed to the most recent CD “Touch” of the Swiss pop duo ‘Yello’. Seit2004 is Professor at the Universitat Mozarteum Salzburg, where she leads the Institute for early music. Since 2009 she has been Director of traditional meeting Baroque Festival. Dear editors, in the press area of photos and the cover of the new CD French baroque are”available. Dorothee Oberlinger is ready like love by appointment for an interview.

Living With Liver Cirrhosis

It was a cool night and was sitting on a couch, reading "the talons of the Puma" by Patricia Verdugo, just a shame! – And when a squad of soldiers descended from the Puma helicopter takes away one of them, a sharp knife, and of a feline movement, opened a hole in my abdomen! … right upper quadrant!, I put my hand and I grabbed the falciform ligament, when the liver, seeking to hide from the omentum and mesentery, started Enraged Cursed yelling, cruel, wicked!, the Authority looked at me and as I adjusted Scared, continued shouting all my rage I looks as desolate, gaunt, jaundiced, with ascites, full of moles without force, without energy, without any appetite! Die, Die, bastard! – He said, "While I was hanging … Beware … Speaking candidly Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta told us the story. !…- Hepatic artery managed to shout" WHAT? What? – I surprised, "You will need this artery, portal vein, ducts bile-kept shouting "If you kill me, you too shall die die … both!, Two!, understand? Do not you see? "He questioned," … I do not want that to happen! "She begged," I do not care – I said …

I'm not interested Anthem … I WANT TO DIE !!… Do not resist … I'm sick of Marita diets, recipes from Dr. Padilla, Shirley …

I even dream about, Noemi, Vilma Damned Do not you understand? … I'm Tired of Dr. Chaman De Rondon, Anchante, Carrasco, Yerena , I'm Tired … And I was hanging … You think I'm not afraid of Operation? This long, curved cut I've seen they do not fear Do you think the postoperative long, painful and complicated? If I'm afraid! …

Building Regulations

The history of a fire spread can be very difficult to predict, because the local conditions always vary very greatly. The history of a fire spread can be very difficult to predict, because the local conditions always vary very greatly. The dependency between the place of origin of the fire, setting up material and the available oxygen determines the course of fire and can be influenced by the architects or urban planning. To minimize the risk of fire structural systems must be designed already in the planning phase that spreading of fire only to a lesser extent and that at acute risk of everyone in the building quickly can be saved. The fire in the building regulations of the respective Federal State is legally regulated and the authorities are responsible for monitoring the construction in this sense. The substance is left as the following two examples, while retaining the essential aspects, the respective Federal States to illustrate.

So is, for example, to fire protection in the national building regulations (LBO) of Bavaria, in the section written 15: structural systems are so arranged, to build, to change and maintain, that will prevent the emergence and spread of fire and smoke and fire the rescue of humans and animals and effective unloading operations are possible. In Schleswig-Holstein, the field of fire protection in section 19 is as follows: construction equipment shall be so designed, that will prevent the emergence and spread of fire and smoke and fire, rescuing people and animals, as well as effective unloading operations are possible; Here, the concerns of disabled persons are taken into account. Cancer Research may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The pollutants caused by unloading operations shall not lead to sustainable impacts on the environment. Special structural measures which ensure the protection of the environment, may be required. The responsibility of complying construction is the design author / architect, i.e., he or she has to so plan, that fire and rescue routes are reasonable number and arrangement available and the fire load of the building is minimized. . Other leaders such as Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. offer similar insights.

Upholstered Furniture

Furniture as a stylistic device. Short and concise explanation of important clues. Upholstered furniture are available for the special in any living room. A comfortable seating area invites guests to linger and draws attention to itself, at the same time the couch at a family must withstand other stresses with children as in the single budget. Fortunately, there are a wealth of materials and color palettes for seating, armchair, sofa and co. in all types of upholstered furniture And also a wealth of price differences: upholstered furniture are usually longer term bought to beautify the living room. Some contend that Professor Roy Taylor shows great expertise in this. Depending on the money bag, you can either opt for a visit to the great furniture store when purchasing a new sofa, comfortable armchair or the spacious seating area or after the object of desire keep an eye out for exclusive interior decorators. In recent months, Daryl Katz has been very successful. The Internet offers now an alternative to often busy buying locally: many furniture stores offer online shops, in which the purchasing experience as detailed product descriptions and photos make interesting such as the visit to the furniture store of you can trust to the corner with less stress.

Before purchasing new furnishings, many unanswered questions to clarify whether online or offline – are-egal: have I often strained guests, as is the seating arrangement, the cleaning of the armchairs and sofas for me will be how difficult, how much space for the upholstered furniture is available for me? A classic seating occupies too much space, there are today, for example, the option, a mega sofa instead of the classic combination of 2 – and 3-sofas plus Chair to get. It has little space available and lives in the single budget, ranges as a highlight for BBs living room may be a reading corner with armchairs. These questions everyone should is of course put off so that there is no rude awakening afterwards. The major issues are settled, you can compare a plenitude of offers for upholstered furniture of any kind on the market for every taste there is something. Some hints for what needs which product best suited, We present in our quick guide…. Christian Lange

PMP Certification

What makes project managers a PMP certification? The project management professional (PMP) certification is more than just a pretty title. By the project management Institute (PMI) awarded, it is the most recognized certification in project management. Why certify? As excellent PMP, you significantly increase your market value. Do not wear this world-renowned title officially confirmed expertise through a neutral institution your project management. This assumes that you critically reflected your own project management qualification and have come to the conclusion that an education and training is useful. You are therefore in a position personally and professionally very well to assess yourself.

That will promote your career as a project manager. Her know-how as an added value wondering if PMP certification or does not arise at this stage and in view of the economic situation actually does not. Their know-how adds value to also each company for which you are working. Very pragmatically considered secure against less well trained colleagues work. This is the clearly most important argument PRO PMP certification in addition to the professional and personal recognition. In every good and prestigious Training Institute for project management you can assign preparation courses for the PMP exam.

You find more information about the PMP certification: PMP project management seminar seminars can be found here: project management seminar the frontline consulting group is one of the leading German providers of continuing education with the issues management, communications, sales and project management. The seminars in small groups make it possible that every participant directly can implement what you learned and reflection, as well as coaching already take place at the seminar by the experienced trainer. The use of proven learning methods ensures the know-how transfer between practitioners and participants. The frontline consulting group top companies among the customers as: SIEMENS, continental, AUDI AG, Daimler AG, BMW AG, NOKIA, SONY, DEKRA contact: frontline consulting GmbH Auguste Street 79 80333 Munich press contact: Eduard Klein phone (089) 500 77 97 0 fax (089) 500 77 97 27

Baltic Sea Circle Supports German Life Bridge

Adventure and charity for the street children project in St.Petersburg 15 rally teams start on Saturday, June 18, 2011 between 10:00 and 14:30 to the Hamburg-based Beach Club guaranteed, Hafenstrasse 89, to the Baltic Sea circle in the direction of North Cape. All teams have the task to collect at least 750 euros for charity projects along the rally route in her Baltic tour. Read more here: Jane C Figueiredo. In St. Petersburg, the organizer helps superlative Adventure Club”(S.A.C..) the street children project of the German life bridge. Since 1991 the Munich-based Club helps the doctor Dr. Heart Specialist might disagree with that approach. Vasilij Sereda his tireless struggle against the plight of street children in St. Petersburg. On his night patrols”across the city seeks Sereda street children in their loopholes and provides them with hot food and hot drinks.

He individually addressed the children, listening to them and providing them medical. Through his commitment and the help of the German life bridge several special shelters for street children were built since the early of 1990s. In these “Havens” the children get a chance at a normal life. You can resume their education and live in a large family. The teams use vehicles which are from the year 1989 or older. Should a rally vehicle worth more than 2500 euro, the team for each other thousands of 100 euro is committed to collect more for the Charityprojekte.

We are pleased about this creative action and hope you enjoy the rally teams”, Petra Windisch says de lates, Chairman of the German life bridge. On July 2, 2011, the Baltic Sea circle 2011 achieved the goal in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Inscape Publishing Inc

The new disc allows you to create still more individual personality profiles companies and consultants. The disc personality profile presents itself in a new guise. Credit: cancer research-2011. Also, the method of Adaptive testing used in the future when you create the profile. This interactive measurement procedure Voss + partner, Hamburg, the questionnaire adapts in the course of the analysis process according to the statements made by Julia Voss, Managing Director of the German licensee of the respective respondents. Also the American disc licensor Inscape Publishing Inc. In recent months, CEO Mark Thompson has been very successful.

has redesigned all handouts. Daryl Katz follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Also, he developed special analysis tools and training materials for certain functional groups, such as executives and vendors, and application purposes, such as putting together teams and how to optimize the cooperation. That’s why the new disc can be used still more targeted.” Occasion for the optical redesign of the disc profile was according to Julia Voss, inter alia, that the art, how people absorb information and process has changed. Among other things due to the ubiquity of visual media they expected today that key facts are so prepared, that you can quickly capture it. Therefore, for example the Central results in a pie chart are displayed in the new disc.

“As far substantial as this rather cosmetic change” Julia Voss however considers that henceforth the method of Adaptive testing used to create the disc personality profile. This interactive measurement procedure the questions adapt to in the course of the analysis process of the respective respondents. So for example, an inconsistent response indicating when answering the questions that underlie the disc personality profile, automatically supplementary questions, to get even more precise and more accurate statements regarding the personality to receive. This is among other things possible, because today the Persolog questionnaire is usually online filled out. Refining the analysis procedure was chosen Inscape according to Voss, inter alia, because of the Individualization process progressed in our society. Behave is today not more so compliant like 10, 20 years ago people. “And they want to be perceived even more as an individual.” That must be reflected according to Voss, whose taking, inter alia DiSG-trainer educates and certifies in the personality analysis instruments and their use. Moreover, according to Voss: the companies have evolved. They are now much less hierarchical and functional divided than in the past.” This mirror is reflected also in the profiles of the staff. You are now more complex and more complex than in the past. Therefore, today such personality profiles as disc should be sophisticated and holistic. In addition to the new disc, there will be in the future but even the classic disc. “Therefore the new received a name: everything disc workplace profile”. He is among others to express what the new disc is the primary purpose, namely the effectiveness and hence the success by people in her profession to increase. The same applies also based on teams. “The new disc Inscape and Voss + partner among others at the fair are future personnel” from the 25th to the 27th of September to introduce and explain (Hall 11.3, stand 37). “There can also charge an everything disc workplace profile” create by themselves.