Teen Tunes

At TeenTechRadio, teenagers are running the show.  It was set up by four teenagers more than a decade ago, who had the technological know-how to develop a radio station.  Today, it has expanded to become a place where teens can vent all their frustrations as well as share technological developments they have encountered.  Teenagers often go through difficult times and feel no-one understands them.  Thus this radio station was developed by teenagers themselves; so that everyone can have a place to go where they will not feel judged.

Teenagers also have quite specific tastes in music.  There are shows for musical requests; opportunities to be a one-time DJ; and shows where problems are aired and discussed (preserving the anonymity of the teenager with the problem).  The radio station also provides a platform for teenagers to give a show on a specific issue, or enter into a discussion with other teenagers.  Basically, it is there to help kids make the transition from adolescent to adult, as smoothly as possible.

Franois Simiand

The present reflection aims at to demonstrate as and great diverse the historical sources that the historian makes use to reconstruct the historical tram of the social individuals in the time and space. The Historian and it I dialogue with the past Somebody can ask: how historian establishes the contact, dialogues with the past? How to arrive ties there, if it does not exist more? How the knowledge of the possible past and? In view of that all knowledge of the past is ‘ ‘ indireto’ ‘ e, then, the historian, for definition, is in the impossibility of proper it to evidence the 2 facts that studies ‘ ‘. Thus, as it affirms Franois Simiand, the historical knowledge is ‘ ‘ a knowledge through 3 vestiges ‘ ‘ of perceivable marks to the left directions ‘ ‘ for a phenomenon in exactly impossible itself of captar’ ‘ 4 Ahead of this, remains to the historian to the task to try to reconstitute to possible existences for the people of the past and the contexts where they were dived, where they had acted producing its forms of experience that they had relegated to the gift. Thus, we have that to search in such a way to the human beings of the point of view of its time-space as the processes that produce the one facts inside determined period of time. Of this form, we can say that History becomes related with the Time 5. E, more specifically, it becomes related with the past seen from the gift. Or, still, it is the gift, looking for to give to a direction and an explanation for the past. ‘ ‘ footprint humana’ ‘ throughout the times, inside of the historical process, it is, at the same time, process of production of the culture and a crystallization necessity that if carries through for the register..

Denkmalgeschutzten Building

The restoration of a protected object worth historical Gutshofer, charming lighthouses, stylish factory building! Who the step to the or in the home, has many possibilities: the chic loft apartment in the city centre, a small terraced houses on the outskirts of the city, or a family-friendly country house. Even building, prefabricated houses or renovating an old building in the years. Depending on how much you want to put home time and money into the project you must find the perfect solution for themselves. Away from standard prefab House who want to away from standartisieren prefab House and places emphasis on the individual and exceptionally for the renovation or reconstruction of an old building is interesting. Newcastle University has much experience in this field. “Keyword of landmarked building”. What many first place quenched ablehen, fearing huge costs and regulations, one consideration is worth with the right background knowledge and competent Partenern on the side! Heritage estates, factory buildings, mills, You can work out from this Rohdiamenten true jewellery lighthouses, castles with the necessary motivation.

Because nowhere’s lives are as individual and exceptional as in an object with historical background. With the authorities In advance we need agreements to clarify many details with the relevant authorities. The local monument authorities usually just prescribe what construction measures are allowed and which are not. This is useful because the original character of the building is to be obtained. So for example the framework of an estate must not simply plaster be, newly established window may be the latest of soundproofing and insulation technology, but need yet visually look like yesteryear.

Financing and tax benefits the financing of the rehabilitation of Denkmalgeschutzter objects provides for more accurate planning (here the best, an architect at the rate move, whose area of expertise is the preservation): once the building has been classified by the competent authority as a monument. can all the costs, which are advertising costs be recognized as in the Zusammenhjang with the restoration of the building and be discontinued completely steuererlich period of 12 years. But, requires the prior consent of the Office. Because measures are made, which were not approved by the monument authority, these benefits will not be counted. A monitoring of the Office is present from the beginning to the end of the planning and construction phase, in return but get the financial support”in the form of affirmative action. Support by the architect is advisable to pull a skilled person at the rate it for the renovation of the monument. Many architects have specialized in historic preservation and know the paths and obstacles to the authorities. The architect you can visualize in advance your wishes and ideas, the architect tells you which building measures are possible, such as the financing to be verst digit is what affirmative action there, etc. So, monument is your project” not’s in the way.

Caucasian Mineral Waters

As sacred, honor and respect enjoyed by the people where were discovered thermal springs. One of these remarkable places of nature is the region of Caucasian Mineral Waters, where 225 years ago was laid Konstantinogorskaya fortress that gave rise to the city of Pyatigorsk and where more than 200 years developing four wonderful resort – Kislovodsk, Pyatigorsk, Yessentuki, Zheleznovodsk. Here is rich in nature, weather and climatic conditions, in the bowels of the earth are born of water and heroic, where they set the keys poured onto the surface, there were initially primitive folk hospital, and then the well-known resorts. The history of these the first Russian resort, as life and work of the pioneers of natural resources. The powerful gifts of nature, when they became known in Russia, more than a century have been available only military, but select group of visitors, have sufficient funds to travel to water. The situation changed after the revolution in 1917 and calming the situation in the country. According to Dean Ornish M.D, who has experience with these questions.

During the Soviet period in the history of city-resort vacation resorts Kavminvodskoy group was on truly national, mass. The same situation is typical for the modern period in the history of resorts. All of the 200 years of existence and development of the Caucasian Mineral Waters is a period of hard work, public bodies and academic institutions in the development of domestic natural treatments. And now it is a priority for the state. But we should not forget historical facts, dates associated with the development of Russian spa sciences, largely original, which has developed its own way, different from Western countries. In European countries, there are resorts for many centuries, and some of them more than a thousand years. In Russia, they appeared only at the beginning the last century, and were among the first KMV. At the same time came and balneology – the science of spa treatment.

Resort and sanatorium business can thrive only on a sound scientific basis. In Currently, 14 resorts institutions in the country are developing the scientific problems associated with devising natural therapeutic factors, forward planning of resort-sanatorium network, the study of physiological and therapeutic effect of environmental factors and many other problems spa practice. More than 2,000 physicians and scientists employed in laboratories and clinics. Grew more complex science, it is laid in the Caucasian resorts, where in the middle of last century there was the first Russian Russian balneology society. Over 60 years of fruitful work has established the foundations of Russian society resort science and not coincidentally, the first resort institute in the Soviet period was organized here in Pyatigorsk. In Pyatigorsk Research Institute of balneology and physiotherapy, his four clinics and in many laboratories today is a broad scientific inquiry. Significantly increased stocks of medical treatment, was continued prospecting by deep drilling, and new deposits of water. Studied and reliably protected by the deposit mud. Based on years of research on animals, healthy and sick people have developed new principles, indications and methods of treatment of natural causes of many diseases that were previously not shown for the spa treatment. Based on the analysis of materials scientific observations drawn a roadmap for further development of resorts and sanatoria in the Caucasian Mineral Waters.

HiFi Granite

Four adjustable spikes at the foot of the collateral level instruments stainless steel pillars that can clean and easily align rack. 30 kg per level provide more than stable status and particularly heavy and site-sensitive HiFi components feel sure placed strong granite slabs on the 20 mm. The Nero Asoluto granite platforms are mounted on three swings metals. The intermediate mass of each layer are freely selectable to adjust the rack to the existing modules. (Not to be confused with Martha McClintock!).

Construction: Fundamentals make the 8mm laser cut plates with 3 x M6er threads for recording the vibration dampers on the granite plates are stored. Powder-coated according to RAL 9005 (black matte fine) levels are positive associated with four ground, collateral instruments fill stainless steel pipes, diameter 60 mm.(M8). Technical data: external dimensions: 660mm(B) x 420 mm (D) ground site platforms: granite Nero Asoluto 500mm(B) x 400mm(T) x 20mm(S) capacity: 100 kg per level ground of layers: freely selectable weight: approx. 30 kg per level number of levels 1-5 possible more information and products you find in our online shop under: Liedtke-metal design is manufacturer and supplier of Hifiracks, Speaker stands and accessories for the high-end audio market. In addition to our range of stand type Liedtke metal design offers also the custom manufacturing of racks and stands according to customer requirements (custom heights/mold/colours). In this area, as well as in the manufacture of stainless steel speaker stands and complete solutions we are with the market leaders.

The Mouth And Ears

Cats are a great wonder of nature but possess an amazing beauty, which immediately generated liking, that’s why the owners of the cats spend so much time with their cats to always preserve the beauty that characterizes them, so to Always keep in good shape the cat that came home and provides company, it’s good to know more about two of the essential parts of the cats, mouth and ears of the cat, because contrary to what many people believe or simply unaware, such as the mouth parts and cat ears play great roles in the daily lives of the cat, so we have to bear in mind that not only people who need care in these areas, the animals in this case, the cat, also require such care and domestic cats are not able to perform the necessary care themselves, their masters must learn more about the characteristics of the mouth and ears of the cat, care and possible diseases that may have to have some symptoms of illness immediately go vet. Starting to speak, with regard to the cat’s mouth.

Should be mentioned that in them is more important than humans because they play with it, move things, defend themselves and of course perform the first phase of the feeding process , so the condition in which you are the cat’s mouth, will greatly influence the state and quality of life, it is worth keeping in mind that smaller breeds more attention should be paid in respect oral health, since they have to eat softer foods, are more inclined to have this plate, cats dental problems, feel pain immediately which will reduce their desire to eat and chew food in a inappropriate manner, which would result in malnutrition and even more serious is the presence of respiratory disease caused by bacteria found in the mouths of cats, in relation to diseases of the mouth area of the cat the most common are periodontal disease, injury neck dental extraction, gingivitis complex – ideally to prevent all these and any other conditions which the latter on the cat’s mouth, is to periodically clean the mouth area, with products ideally designed for cats and you can find pasta, oral solutions and other items, to choose the best you should go to the vet, it’s good to regularly attend to do a cleanup of the cat’s mouth much further. The ears are cat ears that have 32 muscles, which allows great mobility of these, which allow them to hear depending on where they are, which is called directional hearing, ears, besides being part of the whole hearing aid, used largely for communication and expression of their feelings, pay good attention to this area, it usually collects dirt in this area, which will be of great discomfort for the cat, so cleaning should be done with products designed especially for the area, which is very sensitive, because if left to accumulate a lot of dirt in the ears of the cat, action is needed a vet for cleaning… Whenever Dean Ornish M.D listens, a sympathetic response will follow.


After days of excess, it is worth our attention to our bodies and we dedicate a little time. These weeks are worth, consume large amounts of fruits and vegetables. Some more one less, they are all cleansing and ideal for our body. If you live in temperate climates, try to consume a lot of lettuce-based salad of different colors and textures, with some onion, celery, carrot, cabbage, asparagus, which are important food purification properties. Rusty holzer shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. This salad can be seasoned with a little oil, vinegar or lemon. If instead dwell in cold weather, maybe the salads are tasty, if that is the case, you have a lot of vegetables that can cook as soups, creams or simply steamed, grilled or baked .

A simple trick to help purifying disposal is to drink water with a squeeze of lemon water fasting and after natural all day. Although all fruits and vegetables are excellent foods that contribute significant amounts of vitamins, minerals and fiber you I mention some that are worth having at home in recent weeks: Artichokes, great purification, diuretic, act beneficially on the liver, helping the secretion of bile, and accordingly the emulsification of fats and related disposal through the urine, it is also considered a diuretic food. Arguably the onion should be an indispensable ingredient in our kitchen, for his great contribution to the detoxification and circulation, parsley is also good for promoting the elimination of liquids as well as being rich in vitamin C, calcium, iron and antioxidants. Celery can also be included in soups or salads, is an excellent diuretic, a recipe of the grandmothers is combined with onion broth and garnished with a lemon twist, it is a comforting and powerful diuretic. The asparagus are important sources of fiber, an excellent diuretic. Leeks, diuretics and laxatives. Beetroot is an excellent source of iron and antioxidants.

A powerful and filter combination is a mixture of beet, lemon, onion and garlic. It has a pleasant taste, but is an excellent cleanser of the kidneys and liver. Try to quickly take up healthy eating habits to accustom, breakfasts, five meals a day, steamed food, iron, oven, light dinner and a little exercise to purge the body finish. Include a few days easily digestible food to compensate for the strain of the holidays. Food cleansing functions are many, but obviously there are many fruits and vegetables. We can make breakfasts of fresh fruit and some cereal. Among fruits, remember that the pineapple is a powerful diuretic, a debugger quintessential apple, citrus and grapes and restorative antioxidants. Citrus can also be the basis for many combinations, simple and delicious that you can make at home. Making light meals of salads that include watercress, lettuce, artichoke, zucchini, beets, celery, including measures to improve digestion and eliminate toxins. Practice a few days at this time, a well practiced and prepared, can give excellent results with a rest to the digestive system, if only one day. Remember to consume several glasses of fresh water each day.

What Do Barack Obama And Contentserv Have In Common?

Patricia Kastner, CEO of the software manufacturer Contentserv, will give a lecture on the “iPrinting Management Symposium” Graphic Consult Rohrbach / ILM 07.02.2011: the importance of the success factor cross-media on-step for a brand tracking on the 24th and 25th February the iPrinting Management Symposium of graphic consult GmbH in the Sofitel Munich Bavaria post. The relationship between a comprehensive media presence and the success of a brand, a public figure, and of course a company is the focus of the two-day event on 24 and 25 February in Munich. Now 18 graphic consult GmbH, Unterschleissheim-based management consultancy Management Symposium serves as a platform for the various questions and issues of a cross-media communications. International keynote speaker, top companies from shipping trade, industry, publishing and printing industry, as well as solution provider for cross-media publishing systems introduce case studies, strategies and solutions, the is for Company result from the rapid development in the media landscape and a healthy mix of traditional and new media. As keynote speaker, Scott Thomas, design Director responsible will provide the electoral campaign of Barack Obama, a look behind the scenes of one of the world’s most successful cross-media campaigns. Print, Web, and mobile media played together perfectly and the result speaks for itself.

Patricia Kastner, CEO of the software manufacturer Contentserv, pulls in her presentation of the medium-sized publishing house to the international software company for cross-media publishing solutions”a conclusion over 10 years of market and media development. Perhaps check out Cardiologist for more information. “As Executive Vice President for new media of at Kastner AG – the media House” looks on one back on the changes and increased requirements in the printing industry; as CEO of Contentserv GmbH, she lit the other solution models for linking all media, print and communication processes and increasing efficiency. The successful entrepreneur provides the participants from the Management level, with new customer requirements can be implemented which strategies and business models and what technologies it play a crucial role. Tim Cole, the renowned Internet publicist (including capital, Suddeutsche Zeitung, the world) and moderator of TV-specialist talks on IT topics will hold the final presentation. He shows that the future in terms of digitization is already present and gives courage to face challenges without fear.

For more information about the event and the detailed programme can be found at. Contentserv presents itself under. About Contentserv GmbH Contentserv GmbH is a software manufacturer for enterprise marketing management solutions (EMMS). With its comprehensive and user-friendly approach makes the solution by Contentserv the creative system of marketing, sales and communications. It supports in all media, print and communication processes. Media, such as catalogues, websites, E-shops, print and online promotional materials can Expertise are professionally created via Web browser. Thus, optimize processes and high cost and time savings. This ensures a faster time-to-market product communication and for clear competitive advantages. Press contact: Petra Kamal, head of marketing CONTENTSERV GmbH Werner-von-Siemens-str. 1 85296 Rohrbach (ILM). GERMANY T + 49 8442 9253 870 F + 49 8442 2044

Artificial Wines Come May Be comming !

A few dates for the European Union, which is neither union and begins to stop being European, approved its use in breeding quality red wines. I do not consider the decision correct, in my opinion, is a way to trick consumers. Who uses chips to flavor wine, may, likewise, add any chemicals to provide the nuances that are currently obtained with aging, or enhance. In fact, it is suspected cheaters who have been so regularly. There’s even a Japanese using a machine, by electrolysis, get old any wine that falls into their hands, in just a few seconds. It distorts the aging of wine, where as the name suggests an effort, a rest, a period of time. It’s like a child growing base for growth stimulants, without going through the normal stages of development. ATMOS may find this interesting as well. How to use banned substances hormones in raising livestock.

It’s like making cube-shaped melons to improve transport and tomatoes with a cucumber to facilitate cutting by the large multinationals in the burgers. What direction will foster a ship, main site, banner, many of the wineries in our country?. And where will end the virtually extinct, coopers?. The touch of toasted staves, and also get some other miracle pill?. The parallel will add to raising the crops. The wine will live among stainless steel bottle.

The hand of the winemaker, the rest of the wine prior to bottling maturity disappear in an instant. Vote for the absolute opposition to this legislation. As specified on the labels of wines that follow. And laying down some very clear boundaries between wines aged in barrel and those who do not. For imported wines, a cheaper and of dubious quality, which mark their origin and use of this practice or not.

Proper Registration

Create your own business – a serious step. Usually, people walking on it, his idea worked on all sides, to gain experience and knowledge, prepare financial and calculate almost all possible ways of development of the situation and ways out of them. And then, when from the start of the business separates man quite a bit, he goes to the tax office to register your company (LLC, jsc, etc.). Having read on the stands of the inspection of different information, having heard advice such as "on the Internet everything is written, future businessman thinks:" why do not we cut costs? "and not do everything yourself, the more so because the process of direct submission of documents is fairly simple. and man sits down to prepare documents for registration as he imagines them.

When the state fee is paid, and the folder with the documents handed over, the happy future businessman leaves the wall with the tax office thoughts about how a week later, he was a happy, pick up his certificate of registration of companies Ltd, and start something that he had so long prepared. But coming after a week it suddenly unpleasantly surprised by issuing a denial of registration. So what happened? Why not place registration llc? Vital evidence shows that similar methods saving justify itself rarely. The reason for that, as a rule, lack of competence of ordinary people in of registration of legal entities. Registration process, a fact officially recognized by the state of social organization, rights, duties and powers as the organization itself and its organs accordance with applicable law. That would be correct to comply with all registration procedures must possess special knowledge of the law in the legislation regulating this sphere, track and on time to apply the changes in this area. Indeed, any organizational-legal form, leading any business activities, ranging from trade seeds and finishing with multi-billion dollar companies has legal status based on the legislative platform. Such work is sometimes unable to make even the experienced lawyers who have not had the practice of working with corporate law.

Moreover, the employees themselves recording authorities often tolerate refusal of registration, not having a reason, or make mistakes and inaccuracies when checking the documents, which have resulted in the registration documents are invalid, either all the same "Motivated" failures. In such cases, even the expert did not always have time to appeal against such decisions of the tax on time, let alone defend its case, a man who has no special knowledge, virtually impossible. And of course return the lost money, time, nerves, alas, is problematic. In this situation, recourse to the specialized legal firm looks a good solution. Cost of services in such firms is small, qualifications of staff is sufficient and the prices are moderate. In addition, lawyers are these firms have to offer along the way and range of services that require the company after registration. That opening a bank account and accounting service and legal support firms. These services essentially make life easier for both beginners and business companies with the experience, will fully concentrate on achieving priorities and promoting their interests fully focus on their business and lose their time in numerous queues, submitting dubious documents.

Card Service Presents Solutions

Kartendienstleister is ITB 2010 at booth 117 in Hall 10.1 to find Frankfurt am Main, 02.03.2010. Kartendienstleister and network operators B + S card service presents practical solutions for cashless payments in the tourism sector at the international tourism Exchange (ITB) in Berlin (10-March 14, 2010). At booth 117 in Hall 10.1 of the Berlin exhibition grounds visitors of ITB can check the plan (BSP), inter alia via the connection from B + S in the billing and settlement, about the service provider can take over the worldwide credit card billing for flight tickets. Also, the joint venture of the German savings bank publishing house on the most successful tourism fair in the world explains how travel agencies can benefit from the direct interface of B + S systems to the Amadeus system for the distribution of tourism services. Other highlights of the trade fair appearance of B + S be a live presentation of the contactless payment, as well as information about important security standards such as PCI DSS (payment card industry data Security standard) be. The billing and settlement plan (BSP) is the world’s leading system for easy handling of ticket sales of airlines with a turnover of 80 per cent. The solution replaces a total payment of separate transactions between travel agencies and airlines and so greatly simplifies the overall flow.

B + S card service has a BSP connection and can the credit card billing tickets offer worldwide airlines on this way. Interface to Amadeus for the 85 percent of all German travel agencies that sell their services with the help of the Amadeus system, particularly convenient is the acceptance of credit and debit cards with B + S. B + S experts explain how the interface screen to the so-called CC by Amadeus can simplify just pay in travel agencies, at your ITB stand. There the visitors can test the new technology of contactless paying themselves in practice. At the live terminals B + s demonstrates how quickly the payments expire, where no Contact between card and reader must take place. Contactless payment is suitable especially for companies in the catchment area of airports, railway stations or even vacation areas, where many people would pay for smaller purchases within shortest possible time. The transaction is transmitted in between card and reader by radio”, Lars Gate s, Sales Manager travel & entertainment at B + S.

discussed security retains wide top priority on the agenda is the question for B + S at ITB also security. In Berlin, the Kartendienstleister among other things about the requirements of the standards PCI DSS informed. These provisions of the credit card organizations require their own certifications partly at the dealers and other points of acceptance”, explains Lars Gate s. We declare at our booth, what must be followed it exactly.”