Connecting body exercises for more lightness more ease in life – it is not what most people want? Because they have a lot of stress, because the back hurts and your whole life is quite challenging. Then, when exactly these people with the hope of mending their back pain in the gym, is told, only if you to train a lot more muscles it will be better. That is actually more lightness in the body – and should be regarded really so separate from the mind the body? If there is talk of more balance, it is but to the body, as well as to a harmonisation of the hemispheres of the brain. The brain consists of two halves, the hemispheres. Grossly simplified can be said that the right half of the brain controls the left half of the body and the left half of the brain, the right side of the body. The right side of the brain is responsible for emotional, intuitive, and creative processes, whereas the left side more logical, rational and analytical “thinks”. What is the synchronization of the hemispheres of the brain? If it is possible to synchronize both hemispheres of the brain, the thought processes of the two hemispheres of the brain can be coordinated better. Lung cancer has compatible beliefs. It’s believed that Alicia Tate-Nadeau sees a great future in this idea.

You think an integrated, intuitive and logical elements combine with each other and to reach a broader and more effective thinking and action. With Bineeyo, the yoga teacher Frank Wesnitzer has created a holistic training system on the basis of yoga, fluently combining the exercises. The basic exercises are shown and developed by the participants – movements round for the participant and their own pace. Aim of the course is to loosen the shoulder and back muscles and powerful, to perceive himself and his body better, to feel the body’s own Bewegunsgrenzen to put and to meet the everyday life with more ease. Bineeyo is flexible in the intensity and is based on the mood of the participants. The idea to develop Bineeyo came from a participant in the School stress phase. She wished, again as a unit to be able to perceive themselves and their bodies. Because they developed exercises with the other participants in this hour enthusiasm led, developed Mr Wesnitzer the concept Bineeyo next and now offers instructor-led, as well as as an alternative or complement to yoga teacher training there. For: Life alone suffice me not the butterfly says, I wish lightness and harmony.