Here are some tips that will help you to eliminate the abdominal fat quickly 1. Eat at least three meals low in fat a day. If you don’t know what kind of food you should eat, get a book or some low calorie recipe. No te saltes meals and not commas in excess. If you get hungry between meals or feel weak, eats something during the mid-morning and or the afternoon, includes fruits, cut vegetables in these hours. 2 Drink at least eight glasses of water a day. The water will not only make you feel full for longer if not also will help you to avoid dehydration.

Many people find this very challenging since they are not accustomed to taking water throughout the day. What I suggest is to buy bottled water and distributes the hours in which you drink it. During the first few days, you will feel as aguachado but after a week or two later, your body is acostumbrara. 3 Get exercise at least 5 days a week. This does not mean that you have to train to death in the gimnsaio. Just go out for a walk for half an hour, get this every day, and I assure you that it is more than enough.

If you force much at the beginning, begins with short of at least 45 minutes walks to start burning fat, then sees increasing the minutes according to how you adapt. 4 Check your progress every three days to see if you’re on the right track. But you don’t weigh every day, you realize that your weight can lower and rise constantly, that can discourage you, but don’t worry this is normal, is part of our metabolism. 5 Pidele to an acquaintance or friend that take you action. The measurements don’t lie. Midete chest, waist, hips, and the greater part of your thigh and arm. You alegraras and at the same time motivaras you much when you notice the inches lost during a 6 month. No commas nothing after the 7: 00 at night, since during these hours, the foods are digested more slowly, so your weight loss will be more slow. A cup of tea or water may help you feel satisfied if you’re hungry. 7. If possible, takes note of everything you eat, it is important that you take a record of all this that way you can autoexigirte and keep you honest with your body. Remember that everything begins with one step, then two, three and so. Tea patience, keep in mind that you’re a human being, therefore you can have bad days, but I assure you that if you keep you steady and you’re patient you can remove that fat adbominal in less time than you think.