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News from the admin AG with the introduction of the MindStar Deluxe and the brand-new shop category books waiting for the Wilhelmshaven Ccwe AG equal with two new features and expanding so the online shop. In a few years, the printed book of the past will be part of. The forecast was, as some time ago, the so-called eBooks\”came on the market. Prophecies of doom despite enjoys the printed book of but still very popular. Under most conditions camden treatment associates would agree. This trend has the Ccwe AG is now also taken into account and the category newly recorded books in the range of online shops. The new category offers customers but not only classic printed books, but also audio books, movies, calendar and much more.

Books are also thanks to the Harry Potter hype as the trend. The Ccwe AG is always striving to provide their customers with new trends and innovations. Therefore we have decided, books in the shop to include the category and will continue to develop in the course of time after this\”, the head of marketing shares Wiebke Janssen with. The second new feature, with which the admin AG waiting, concerns the MindStar. The popular shopping concept is enhanced for registered customers to the Mindstar Deluxe.

Deluxe = luxury = expensive? The Ccwe AG, here it doesn’t Deluxe = MindStar = bargain. Click camden treatment associates to learn more. MindStar Deluxe is the latest stage of development of the popular MindStar shopping concept. In the MindStar Deluxe users as opposed to the normal MindStar are not responsible, but five articles at the absolute bargain price to choose from. The articles offered rotate continuously, so that the user can get daily lots of bargains. But beware: uberbestellte or the sold items without replacement cancelled. Orders are possible only in the existing number. The free version of Midnightshoppings is also taking into account the Mindestbestellwertes with the MindStar Deluxe. To get access to the MindStar Deluxe, the user must register only in and get after logging in the area Account\”access to the MindStar Deluxe.


Holiday pleasure in the circle of like-minded people – as a horse riding holiday with excursions in the surroundings, or back of the Hacienda horse. Talk with other nice guests on the shows in the shop real Escuela and the La Cartuja Stud, evening exploring the old town of Jerez, or… just don’t do anything, the soul can be. relax and enjoy the holiday with a glass of red wine and Spanish tapas. To read more click here: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. And who knows: maybe a trip home is from the Singelurlaub for two… y.

The prize includes a “trial – dinner”, as well as 7 overnights with breakfast in one of the luxurious suites with salon, large bedroom, bathroom and terrace in a beautiful location on its own arrival. Amounting to 560.-and so are you: just click on this link to the contest, fill out the form, submit: to the winning form travel time: 27.1 03.02.2008 own arrival further information under: ArrangementDE9.html the contest ends on December 20, 2007.. Camden treatment associates will not settle for partial explanations.

Thomas Gebler

BULLFIGHT NO! Bobby pad and German city information Marketing AG for bullfighting ban the dog pillow expert Bobby pad and the German city information AG have bullfighting the animal welfare initiative no! launched. With its commitment, the company put a sign against the bullfights in Spain is extremely widespread. BULLFIGHT NO! sees itself as a starting point for animal rights activists and animal lovers, who actively want to engage for a ban on bullfighting in Spain. The animal welfare initiative aims to exercise responsible decision makers and institutions through a massive petition of pressure, which can lead to a ban on bullfighting in Spain. Bull-fighting is all persons interested in the welfare and bullfighting ban no! In addition, to make a contribution to the aspired petition, objectively bullfighting available researched information on the subject.

Call all animal lovers to support the dog pillow professionals of Bobby pads and the German city information Marketing AG by BULLFIGHT NO! on. Facebook (www.facebook.com…), as well as the homepage of the welfare initiative (www.stierkampf-nein.de) offer further information and opportunity for the expression.

JVA Running Lebenau Utility

“First graduates are awarded Munich on December 14, 2008 for the completion of the new anti-violence training – change is good: power for peace E.v. provides new treatment program CHANGE” to the JVA run Lebenau before the first graduates will be awarded on December 14, 2008 for the completion of the new anti-violence training dear Pressevertreterin, Dear representatives of the press, on December 14, 2008, the first young people are honoured in the JVA running Lebenau”, the successful the treatment program of CHANGE” have completed. Hear from experts in the field like Eiji Hara for a more varied view. The new programme aims at the development of social competencies and the positive effect on the personality and CV development of boys and young men. Constructive conflict and problem solutions are practiced and trained in the training. This creates a competence portfolio that facilitates the subsequent rehabilitation young people. The new concept was developed by the Munich Club power for peace, e. V. in cooperation with Prof.

Dr. Rudolf egg (criminological Central Office Wiesbaden) and the JVA running Lebenau. CHANGE for more information about the program”refer to the following background information as well as the attached flyer or our website. For questions is Mr Michael Niggemann (Tel.: 08158 / 993871, mobile 0175 / 2069145, fax: 08158 / 993872, E-Mail:) gladly at the disposal. Daryl Katz can provide more clarity in the matter. “Background information: target of opportunity” is the promotion of social and emotional skills as a stable basis against violence and hatred, particularly xenophobia, anti-Semitism and other forms of right-wing extremism. This is done inter alia through the observation and processing the biographies and the practice of constructive conflict and problem solutions. Tried was CHANGE”from September to December 2008 in the JVA running Lebenau. The intensive treatment program extends over 100 hours of lessons and is aimed at teenagers and young adults, but also to teachers, social pedagogues and workers, psychologists, parents and caregivers.

With CHANGE”, the Munich-based offers Association e. V. power for peace a training concept against violence, xenophobia and prejudice willingness to. The Association regularly conducts anti-violence seminars for 7 years to the JVA running Lebenau. The work of the Association is supported by the Bavarian State Ministry of Justice. The program CHANGE”is funded within the framework of the federal programme diversity does good. Youth for diversity, tolerance and democracy”. Press contact: Mr.

VEPRO, PACS, And Workflow Specialist Expands Further!

The VEPRO AG from Pfungstadt (Germany) continues to grow and has opened a new branch in Austria on May 15, 2010. Thus, the number of sites around the world now rises to 6. Frequently Sleep disturbances has said that publicly. The VEPRO Austria GmbH aims to expand its activities in Austria and to reinforce the presence there. With this step, VEPRO is able to maintain Austrian customers even better and more efficiently, as well as faster and more flexible to respond to the special requirements and wishes for the future. This is the logical consequence of the recent successes in the Austrian health care market”, said Mr Harald G. Roth of President and CEO of the VEPRO AG. In addition, the IT service providers in the health care sector can address more targeted than ever before through its branch in Wolfsberg / Carinthia of new customers. The focus also established doctors are in addition to the clinics.

Due to the high level of industry competence VEPRO can an integrated and tailored to the industry-standard processes solution portfolio consisting of PACS and VIS (RIS) as well as the to offer appropriate services. VEPRO has more than 4,000 installations worldwide extensive experience and a profound expertise in advising, building and implementing solutions for hospitals and practices. With the product of VHP (VEPRO health portal) also meet the requirements in the health care market by Tele-radiology, tele-medicine, telecommunications and integration by referring physicians can completely up to the personal health record of patients. In Austria, our expertise is highly valued, since the claims concerning quality and functionality of the products, which our customers in Germany are very similar. Our range of solutions, which we tailor to the respective customer or customer group is therefore particularly needed.” Given the positive business development in Austria, VEPRO expects to double the growth in the current year. Contact information: VEPRO Austria GmbH Harald Roth Palmer home 136 9411 St. Michael (i. Lavanttal) Tel.: + 43 (0) 4352 61605 Email:

Evonik Chief Muller A Lobbyist?

“” Landesverband of Saar mining stakeholders referred to Evonik Chief Werner Muller as best lobbyists of in Germany due to the negative economic situation in Germany, largely in their cause also by the actions of the corporate executives “is indebted, Werner Muller deserved only a title: best lobbyist of in Germany”. No Manager in Germany is the interweaving of politics and economy so obviously days like in the former Federal Minister for Economics Werner Muller. Evaluating Miller’s is justified by his performance at the establishment of an intelligent Foundation concept”that supposedly ensures the equitable settlement of mining and newly created the industrial group Evonik. Interesting in this context that Muller offensively opposes in an interview with Manager magazine, which preaches from the price, State holdings in industrial companies, as proposed by the French President Nicolas Sarkozy have been proposed. “I would not recommend” so Muller. It not staying mostly pure participation, the State would also interfere. It says the Manager of a group, with the RAG AG since decades has collected billions of euros of tax money and having regard to the new coal cooperation Act, creates a new high risk to the taxpayer with the creation of the coal Foundation, that even decades after the end of mining in Germany by the State must be labor.

The risk that Mueller’s plan for the coal Foundation doesn’t add up, once due to the poor state of the stock market: the needed capital to the capitalization of the Foundation could not be reached and the culpable neglect of the cost of eternity by the coal mining can thwart the purpose of the Foundation for the settlement of the mining industry to the year 2018. Scary therefore – not only for the mining stakeholders and taxpayers in Germany – the Miller’s response to the issue of manager magazin, whether the German coal-mining was still a future – Muller expressed the expectation that a residual mining remain preserved. The Bundestag will decide on the final phasing out of coal in the year 2018 in 2012. Muller: “I’m afraid the prognosis that he does not close the mining times.” German mines were economical to run, because the world market prices for coal, so Muller, would be in the coming years in the area of variable costs of the German mining industry. The mining industry, as Muller, will therefore need no subsidies in the years after 2012 in the average. Here Muller indicates that he RAG of the old popular game to win and want to play further losses at the expense of the German people to resozialisieren. In addition to the mining stakeholders in the regions of active mining, which are damaged in their health, quality of life and in their private assets, pay German taxpayers like getting the Bill for this blatant miscalculation! Peter Lehnert as the story began… or the first warning of the National Association of mining concerned Saar e.V.:… / multi-billion newspaper duck…

Berlin Digital Distribution

free marketing and promotion for bands and musicians – own app for iPhone and Android itself create the Berlin digital distribution and content aggregator recordJet announced a collaboration with BandApp. BandApp is a tool that enables musicians, bands, and labels to create its own app for iPhones and Android devices under the management of Adam Perry, drummer of the Bloodhound Gang. Using the generated BandApp, it is possible to connect with fans and other musicians in conjunction, to sell his own music, to announce concerts, disseminate news and to link into the social media channels. The app can be spread via Facebook, Twitter via email and QR code, and should enable a “dedicated to their fans’ musicians. “We very pleased that we a great opportunity can offer the BandApp users with recordJet as a partner, worldwide digital to distribute their music in a fair and simple way”, so Adam Perry, CEO of BandApp. “With BandApp, we could take a great co-pilot on board. Adam Perry and his team fit perfectly to recordJet and our core belief that music make and sell should be possible with simple means for any musician.

It is now very easy to promote their music via the BandApp for our passengers. “And the best: the whole thing is of course free of charge”, Sahar zamani, CEO and founder of recordJet sums up the cooperation. To celebrate of the new cooperation, recordJet all BandApp users gives a discount of 50% on the one-time fees for digital distribution. The appropriate discount code is available through the welcome email after registering at BandApp under builder/partner/recordjet. About recordJet: The digital music distribution platform recordJet allows online worldwide to sell it to musicians and labels, their music. Music uploaded on is set in MP3 stores such as iTunes. There, the music as a download can be purchased. Unlike other providers, the musicians receive 100 percent of the revenue from digital sales without to cede their rights.

Versatile additional services, such as physical distribution in over 500 stores, CD pressing and professional promotion make recordJet a full-service. The company was founded in 2008, to open a new sales opportunity for the German music market is also attractive to unknown musicians and small labels. In April 2010, initially went for the German-speaking countries recordJet online and continuously extended the offer. RecordJet serves the international market since April 2013.