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Balanced Scorecard Points

Usually desirable results of a company’s activities described with the help of three kinds of standards in the long term, in the medium term and in the short term. Usually desirable results of a company’s activities described with the help of three kinds of standards in the long term, in the medium term and in the short term. The long-term goals set the desired objectives of the long-term perspective of the development of society in the course of 3-5 years or more depending on the dynamics of the business, in which the company operates. The long-term objectives outlined split in the medium-term objectives with the intervals of 2-3 years later. The details of the medium-term objectives are a result of the analysis of the activity of the short-term perspective. For each specified temporary periods, it should be noted the standards of the activity. But in practice the companies but by far not always do that. It is known that any goal with the first steps in the direction of of the target begins.

Just as the short-term objectives of each code are established on a year in the balanced scorecard. You imagine the quantitative standards for each of the indicators and to measure the success in achieving the objectives of the medium-term and long-term periods. These goals serve as a peculiar overtaking counters that provide timely information about the achievement of the desired event in the medium-term and long-term perspective. The standards are often used as short-term indicators on a year. Sara Issaoun pursues this goal as well. But their quarter establishment according to the periodicity of the reporting of indicators of a company’s activities is the most convenient format of the use of such standards for the achievement of the objectives. The fixing of the quarter standards can use the actual results for the decisions, because you can compare actual results with the plan. This suggests safer societies. In determining the long-term, medium-term and short-term Standards, you must note the following: you must increase the long-term goals and standards necessarily with the system of planned support.

This long-term support is both a system of motivation, serve the Administration as well as the system. If the system of motivation (the reward) on the short-term result is set, i.e. on the profit in the current year, so such a short-term goal in contradiction to the goals will be the long-term development. It desperately needs the system of motivation, which balances the long-term and short-term results. the medium-term objectives should be realistic. While the long-term goals are to shake the society, the medium-term objectives should be realistic and achievable. Otherwise, if the target is not really, she will discourage the employees of the company. For example, must not be the targets for the doubling of profit for half a year. These goals will be hardly accessible. So that the objectives have been reached, it should balance the motivation and find the accessibility. the initial targets to be the additional standards of the activity. This means that the fixed standards aimed at improving the existing code. For example, you must reduce the specific expenses by 10% compared to the previous year. Increase the profitability of sales by 5%. It is important to know that these goals will be difficult but reachable. Not every indicator of the balanced scorecard can have the big difficult objective in the long-term perspective. Otherwise, the company would have lost their priorities. You must however develop appropriate standards for each key figure. Dates on our website please click on the link for more information about balanced scorecard to get.

In Fulda Rodges

These achievements are apparently honored by the customers. “Jurgen Wolpert: alongside our high reliability it is especially our consistent focus on solutions, as well as the very personal customer service, featuring our family business.” Employees also benefit from the positive development of the company: the random logistics group last year paid 356.467 euros for the employees in the company pension plan and that about 28 percent more than in the previous period. New business spurred growth In terms of reliability is that random logistics group a special appreciation also for medium-sized networks and collaborations. “For this reason another distribution area for the successful night express night network was recently Star Express” (NSE) taken over. At the new random location in Unna, 15 employees to provide transport solutions worry at night and for the greater Dortmund and Hagen. The step in adjacent regions fits perfectly in our long-term growth strategy”, says random managing director Heinz-Gunter Basell.

A further attractive new business recorded the complete logistics provider on the site of Fulda. It works here in the year 2009 logistics opened Center in Fulda-Rodges since April 2012 particularly closely with a production site in the vicinity of milupa”together. For the specialized baby food Danone “subsidiary has taken over the random logistics group large parts storage, order picking and distribution processes. Around 7,000 pallet locations run in stock for an average. Heinz-Gunter Basell: We have upgraded our technical and organizational logistics center and around 700,000 euros invested in new equipment and training. In Fulda Rodges we pick after pick-by-voice’. “We have also been to HACCP and an internal audit of Danone” certified. ” RANDOM logistics group remains family-owned another important milestone to the sustainable development and to preserve the random logistics group as a family business put the holder with an important personal decision: Peter Muller Kronberg, son of the partner of Dr.

Easygostexperte Forecast: Ukraine Returns On Growth Path!

For Evgeni Malakhov by the consulting firm Easygost, this negative assessment of Ukraine is a sweeping statement which hides the economic capabilities of the country. The Ukraine is often as problematic were perceived in the public perception of Western Europe in the past few years. Either was the dispute focuses on the oil and gas transit or the impact of the financial crisis. For Evgeni Malakhov, Managing Director of the consulting firm Easygost, specializing in export to the Commonwealth of independent States, but this is a sweeping statement which hides the economic capabilities of the country. \”The overall development of the country leaves quite clever entrepreneurs who are wisely planning their business decisions,\” room for gains, Evgeni Malakhov explains and continues: generalizing assessing of a country as the Ukraine is for the public media certainly not a problem, but not very helpful for the development of the business. \” \”That’s why, as Malakhov, behind the scenes worth\” and should sound numbers instead of general assumptions \”are used to create a rational basis for decisions for or against business involvement in the Ukraine. First of all, it should be noted that the Ukraine by far, the most important economy of the former Soviet Union after Russia was. She produced four times more goods and services than the next Soviet Republic.

The fertile black soil provided more than a quarter of the total products of agricultural products of the former Soviet Union and supplied significant quantities of meat, milk, grain and vegetables in the other republics. The limited but neither yesterday nor today only on agricultural products. A diversified heavy industry manufactures machine tools like large drills and milling machines. In addition, petroleum products, tubes and textiles are produced. The shares in the total amount of Ukrainian exports of $ 17.3 billion for significant 33.7% were also in the difficult first half of 2009 Metallurgy products, 24.0% 16.9% for machinery, agricultural products and food.