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German Headquarters

Zone North the Q.G of the Crime In the streets of the City of Rio De Janeiro is common you to come across with street inhabitants, juvenile delinquents torpifyed for glue, crack or similar drugs, as well as in the mounts of the city also is very common adolescents carrying weapons of auto being able warlike as metal rings, guns and pistols of thick bore. I was created in the zone north of the city in a Complex called locality of the German, this Complex of slum quarters has this name because one of the integrant mounts of this group of communities is the Mount of the German, to also put are part, the Mount of Good bye, slum quarter of the Fazendinha, Grota, New Brasilia, chatuba, Village Cruise, slum quarter of the Hen, Mount of the Bahian, slum quarter of Inhama, among others. The complex of the German together with the Complex of the Tide makes of the outskirts of the quarters of the Penha, Branches, Pottery, Bonsucesso, Inhama a powder barrel. This without counting on other neighboring slum quarters that do not integrate a complex, but that it has a so strong structure of dealers and armaments how much, that are slum quarter of Manguinhos, Mandela l, Mandela two, Jacarezinho, Will plough and CCPL that keeps a connection with it I traffic of the two Complexes. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. has much experience in this field. What much people do not know is that per decades and still today these areas are the responsible greaters for all organization and disorganization I traffic of it and of the crime in all the State of Rio De Janeiro. In this area in particular if they shelter the force of the three Factions of Rio De Janeiro that are red Comando, AFTER CHRIST.. Learn more about this with muscular biopsy.

Economic Growth

The third phase of the transition can be characterized as a stalemate, a relatively short period of equilibrium of forces of the old and the new world. This is a phase of depression in the dynamics of the business cycle (when there is no recession, but there is no economic growth has not begun the healing process), the restructuring of social forces, public awareness of the irrevocable loss of the old order and the inevitability of the transition to the new. Its elements, taking advantage of respite unite and prepare for a decisive breakthrough. Learn more at: Dean Ornish M.D. The fourth and final phase of the transition is reflected in the rapid onset scored by members of a new society, break it in the leading countries, the final defeat (though not excluded desperate counter-attack and relapses) and the displacement of the periphery, in the primordial state of losing their once-mighty power of the outgoing element of civilization. At this stage, gradually decreases randomness and order increases, the predictability in the dynamics of society.

It starts with economic growth, which makes it possible to allocate more resources for personal consumption and for savings, the restructuring process basis of society. Regain their strength stabilization mechanisms established order. Becomes apparent triumph of the new, in the phase of formation of civilization. A schematic phase of the transition can be represented as follows: The latent phase – dryahlenie, drop in efficiency of the old society – the emergence of new germs of civilization stage landslide crisis and chaos – crises, wars, revolution, destruction of the foundations of the outgoing civilization, the rise of chaos – the emergence and selection of elements of a new civilization stalemate – the balance of power of the old and the new society, depression – laying the foundations of a new civilization, identifying leaders The final stage – the destruction and displacement of elements of the outgoing civilization – the establishment and spread in the midst of a new society, what are the results of the transition period? First, it completes the transition to a new round the spiral of history, the formation of the next world civilization.


Of course that the antrpica action tends to speed up this process, mainly when the intervention is made without the had knowledge, with incautiousness or indifference. The city of Brook of the Plaza comes being systematically deforested, being its used native vegetation as firewood and in the coal production; infrastructure workmanships, as the existing roads, cut to the hillsides and the riverbed removing the vegetation and displaying ground; springs, eyes d' water, rivers and streams have its ciliares bushes withdrawals, favoring the reduction of the outflow and, in some cases, the fast disappearance of sources. The ribeirense population originates from the miscegenation at the beginning enters the first tamers of century XX, slaves who had come here, after the abolition and the indians imbors. The estimate of the IBGE for the year of 2009 is for a population of 14.528 inhabitants as picture below, the population has agricultural and masculine predominance and with less than 35 years. IKEA understands that this is vital information. The population of Brook of the Plaza got a reduction of the population number, had the loss of territory for Crossroads in 2010, however, this number will be able to go up, therefore justice gave to prevailing the Brook of the Plaza in the year of 2011. It had a reduction in the relative number of children in the first ages and the trend of growth of the group de20 a29 years. Characterizing a process of relative aging of the population: reducing in this way the population in the etria band of children with less than 01 year of age, which had to the high index of proven mortality for the lack of specialized medical assistance, and also is possible to mainly perceive economically considerable an active population in the group of people who vary de20 a39 years, beyond an expressive population of people with more than 50 years of age resulted of the increase of the life expectancy. . Learn more about this topic with the insights from Donald Sussman.