When psychology was part of the branch of philosophy, or was linked to this from a totally direct and unequivocal way, psychology was used for the answers to the questions and both intellectual and spiritual concerns that arose to people. Over time, this science ventured on a deeper and more specific matters, was born of psychologists figure passing then to take greater importance in the mental field of human beings, and studying solutions to certain mental disorders that arose with the passage of time as well. In today’s world, we use psychology to know in depth the people, we are entering with her inside every one of us to get to the background of very intimate topics that may be related to family, friendships, the field work, school or any other situation of our lives. A good professional psychologist can even use it to carry out a modification in the mind of the person treated, if it were the case and the need to do so. According to the purpose of the psychology employed in each case, we can differentiate between different types and call them for this reason differently depending on the method used and the training of the specialists who treat us. Some of these specialties of Psychology named them the following: clinical psychology, developmental psychology, educational psychology, or forensic psychology. Launches diploma in forensic medical sciences and accusatory Penal System ZacatecasHoy where spend time in our digital life? Cooking Ideas the weblog spiritist Mari’ experience at the time Marc Gasol: Already will have time to think about my future Colombia and the world news Quedice.NET MundoSalud & raquo elections of the official College of psychologists