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The new disc allows you to create still more individual personality profiles companies and consultants. The disc personality profile presents itself in a new guise. Credit: cancer research-2011. Also, the method of Adaptive testing used in the future when you create the profile. This interactive measurement procedure Voss + partner, Hamburg, the questionnaire adapts in the course of the analysis process according to the statements made by Julia Voss, Managing Director of the German licensee of the respective respondents. Also the American disc licensor Inscape Publishing Inc. In recent months, CEO Mark Thompson has been very successful.

has redesigned all handouts. Daryl Katz follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Also, he developed special analysis tools and training materials for certain functional groups, such as executives and vendors, and application purposes, such as putting together teams and how to optimize the cooperation. That’s why the new disc can be used still more targeted.” Occasion for the optical redesign of the disc profile was according to Julia Voss, inter alia, that the art, how people absorb information and process has changed. Among other things due to the ubiquity of visual media they expected today that key facts are so prepared, that you can quickly capture it. Therefore, for example the Central results in a pie chart are displayed in the new disc.

“As far substantial as this rather cosmetic change” Julia Voss however considers that henceforth the method of Adaptive testing used to create the disc personality profile. This interactive measurement procedure the questions adapt to in the course of the analysis process of the respective respondents. So for example, an inconsistent response indicating when answering the questions that underlie the disc personality profile, automatically supplementary questions, to get even more precise and more accurate statements regarding the personality to receive. This is among other things possible, because today the Persolog questionnaire is usually online filled out. Refining the analysis procedure was chosen Inscape according to Voss, inter alia, because of the Individualization process progressed in our society. Behave is today not more so compliant like 10, 20 years ago people. “And they want to be perceived even more as an individual.” That must be reflected according to Voss, whose taking, inter alia DiSG-trainer educates and certifies in the personality analysis instruments and their use. Moreover, according to Voss: the companies have evolved. They are now much less hierarchical and functional divided than in the past.” This mirror is reflected also in the profiles of the staff. You are now more complex and more complex than in the past. Therefore, today such personality profiles as disc should be sophisticated and holistic. In addition to the new disc, there will be in the future but even the classic disc. “Therefore the new received a name: everything disc workplace profile”. He is among others to express what the new disc is the primary purpose, namely the effectiveness and hence the success by people in her profession to increase. The same applies also based on teams. “The new disc Inscape and Voss + partner among others at the fair are future personnel” from the 25th to the 27th of September to introduce and explain (Hall 11.3, stand 37). “There can also charge an everything disc workplace profile” create by themselves.

Rhein Fire Based Automotive Unit

Rhein Fire enhanced by the complex vehicle logistics of major events up to the shuttle service with the establishment of the automotive unit”, the Agency for event marketing and live communication, your portfolio is an important task field. Especially the extensive knowledge and Know-How of event specialists who worked a long time in terms of driving events, guarantee the quality of the new services. The Rhine glut GmbH creates a quotation, which operated all services and services related to the automobile with your new unit. Starting with the shuttle coordination, organization and control of driving services up to the extensive design and implementation of several days, national and international automotive events. Tailored strategic and creative solutions for the demands of customers from the automotive industry are offered press driving performances, roadshows, pre market launches and dealer presentations. Driving experiences are so planned and designed that the focus of the event below Products and brand messages emotionally, to awaken to the participants and target group desires to present and ignite passion. The complex logistics of vehicle route planning, location Scouting, travel management and related hospitality also offers the Rhine glut GmbH measures from a single source. With their proven quality control and under the seal of approval.

The automotive unit is brand-independent and always tailored to the potential target groups of communication – end customers, dealers, suppliers, journalists and other multipliers and staff (sales, marketing, after sales, executives). The customer determines also the scope of the desired order of course. So the Rhine fire unit works, with individual projects as a specialized service provider in the context of sub-projects or even as overall responsible agency of a complex driving events. The field of transportation and automotive industry requires great skill and concentration. The customer must be optimally maintained. Whether in providing a Car service, the VIP shuttle or during a complete go events trust, quality and perfect service have top priority”, said agency head Olaf Thiel, who worked for many years in the area of driving events for companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Maybach or Audi. “Senior consultant Stefan Sadler, among others, a-class served as shuttle Coordinator at the global launch campaign of the Mercedes-Benz, reaffirms the demands of customers: tact, clear briefing, well-trained staff and partners are in demand In the automotive sector.” Hector A.

Venegas, Managing Director of the Rhein Fire, several times oversaw the Laureus World Sports Awards in the overall logistics of the Guest car service and staff vehicles, white: with automotive events of any kind, we complement our extensive portfolio. The demand on the market is large and lacks high-quality providers, creating the solutions from small to large from a single source.” Rhine glut Rhein Fire is a strategic event marketing agency with high brand communicative competence. Integrative event concepts form the basis for the successful implementation of the project. The range of services includes all disciplines of live communication. These are staged brand messages in the heart, resulting in a creative, emotional, and thus sustainable addressing of the target group. Rhein fire can be accessed for the realisation of projects on an international network of specialized partners, and has special expertise in marketing communications, in the work for financial service providers and mega-events with up to 30,000 participants. Contact: Rhine glut GmbH Julia Kemp head corporate communications-Emil-Hoffmann-Strasse 45 50996 Koln phone: + 49 (0) 2236 87585-17 fax: + 49 (0) 2236 87585-11 E-mail: Web: