When I had to defend my thesis (one of the most stressful moments for any PhD student) practised everywhere, in the shower, on the street, in a loud voice, mentally there is people who recommended you to practice in front of someone, yo’ve never done it because it makes me more nervous and so far I have not had any problems. View you. This technique is that works best of all, I tell you from my own experience and the people who has implemented it. In fact, you can replace or complement to the above, you can try out while viewing. What is this technique? In imagine with all luxury of details giving the talk. The more details you know about the site, clothes that you win and people who will be better.

Imagine entering the room and giving the talk and the feeling of relief when you just and people applauding you and giving you the congratulations by a superb talk and your with a smile from ear to ear and this what you get? Not be nervous when the moment of truth, because for your brain will not be a new situation but something which is more than accustomed. Believe me, works very well. We were not all born to be great speakers, if you don’t like speaking in public or is not giving you well, because you don’t like and point, not is no sin. Simply tries to do what best that you can and anything else. The best talks that I have attended have not given people who were not wrong or not by sweat or not consulted his notes, but people who loved the theme that spoke. That you sudas, you get nervous and you’re not the best giving talks and what? Original author and source of the article