Innovative search for everyone who equally appreciate convenience and cheap prices often is professionally and personally, know the comfort of a top hotel 4- or 5-star category is very much appreciate. But only those who had a fat expense account or a generously dimensioned (service) travel budget, found so far also the quality hotel enough their own comfort demands. That quality also in the top hotels at very attractive prices is to have prove from now the new online portal. The business idea of the Hessian Internet service provider is based on a simple as ingenious principle: the overnight guest determined the price he is willing to pay, and flexhotel provides 60 minutes of top-class hotels. Only precondition: the price expectations of the future guest should move in the market framework and be acceptable to the hotel. For Bianca Hack, Managing Director of flexhotel GmbH and operator of innovative hotel accommodation portal, is now in a hard competitive industry such as the hotel industry the time ripe for new marketing approaches: we have closely observed the market and found that the gap between the demands of the guests and the value for money of the hotels always widened.

With flexhotel we have found a way, with the high quality and cheaper price on a common denominator have installed.” Flexhotel is therefore an open hotel request system, which will be leading the way for the search in this form for cheap and yet comfortable accommodation: as a registered flexhotel user indicates the potential overnight guest only its desired price including city, district RADIUS, room type and date. Then the bid forwards flexhotel anonymous to all connected the region’s top hotels. One of the hotels confirmed the bid within an hour, otherwise it is awarded ending the bid. Assuming a certain degree of flexibility during the booking process, the future hotel guest ultimately determines the price. So rates can be especially in times of low utilization achieved, come for the other booking portals typically hotels with significantly less comfort in question. Since the launch of business and private travellers a comprehensive, nationwide network of top-end hotels can look forward and a week, many more top destinations are added. No wonder, because the flexhotel idea has in the industry already got around: so the German’s top hotels affiliated under have an attractive opportunity, significantly increasing capacity utilization without affecting the official price policy. Also the usual at other portals fees for registration and ongoing contributions required flexhotel.

Who would like to learn more about the benefits of flexhotel and its marketing approach, is under all relevant information by the registry for user and hotels up to the terms and conditions. About flexhotel GmbH: The flexhotel GmbH founded in 2010 in the Hessian Flieden is a provider for online services in the hospitality industry. Via the Internet portal, the company offers a highly innovative hotel request system. Due to the partially significantly lower overnight rates with simultaneously improved capacity utilization, some flexibility on both sides is provided a classic win-win situation. Press contact: flexhotel GmbH Bianca Hack Elsa-Brandstrom-str. 23 36103 Flieden Tel.: 381 3 email: