Is the singer all as serious Chanel model – thanks to Lagerfeld – Chanel makeover Lilly? Hard to imagine! But so will ensue. The British (Skandal-) is a singer – thanks to Karl Lagerfeld – the new face of Chanel. As it was now known, the French fashion house plans to draw up a new bag campaign with the singer. Now needs is Lily Allen in “familiar” faces of Chanel campaigns classified. You may dare hardly compare with Claudia Schiffer who (bekannterweisse) as a Muse of Modezares Karl Lagerfeld applies. Even Diane Kruger (German Kruger) was allowed to stand for Chanel and a new bag in front of the camera already. Fits all Lily ever pure? Yes! The singer has of course an exceptional charisma, as well as a high degree of popularity. But there is also the problem.

Unfortunately Lily turned all often not by their truly good music, but rather by their acclaimed through nights and their scandalous life. Additional information is available at Monty Don. Friendship with supermodel Kate Moss leaves no doubt probably that is Lily Allen in the Circle of excessive life comfortable. Lagerfeld, however, has a very own opinion why Lilly should be all the new face of Chanel campaign. He told “Lily is a fun!” Well, if that is enough to make a Chanel campaign, then surely some others would come into question. However, you may be curious how the campaign will be raised and especially will look like the pictures. Lisa Walters