? My luck this to move, a new constitution this to appear, a new dream, a new native land. Now we go to start to smile, had been fights, challenges, losses. Get more background information with materials from Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr.. It? , the Constitution comes to change everything, nor believes, it is of the people and for the people, us we made and we go to be able to make what it to leave. Everything goes to be better, everything goes to be more easy, now can smile, has luck. It is all writing, everybody to see. I know that, for some things interpretation fits, but, this is of less, I knows that to dream is not in goes, goes to fight for what now? If everything already this certainty? We go to be the people who the constitution in such a way speaks. To work, to live, to try to choose the best ones stop always helping in them, it does not go to have more differences or at least it is that the constitution searchs.

Difficult, clearly, but, the dream starts now, new dream, new country, new life, congratulations to all. I wait that all fights and that all the conquests are not forgotten by the ones that they will come, and when people to need more people to fight vocs is ready to act. Blurred the enevoadas photos and with the time, of some crying out, with bands, flags and illusions, with the deep green and yellow of each face, each shade of each terrace, each sound and will. The time that go to pass, and the conquests, if perpetuate with many forgotten heroes, the dreams had not been in go. It was carried through, we go to follow in front happy, always remembering what always this being forgotten with the time, freedom, rights, equality, fights and choices. Davidson M. Rodrigues.