FRANZIS brings the new music ALLROUNDER audio 180prozent 4.0 Poing, Munich 2009 (15 Jan 2009) – FRANZIS brings recently by users of the provider to the software of the year 2008 \”with gold selected audio 180% new version 4.0 audio 180% United ten attractive audio applications for any music enthusiast in a surface. Audio 180% is an all-rounder, with which music can be recorded, edited, converted, heard, taken or secured, whether for home on the PC, stereo system, MP3 player, or in the car, music for around the clock. While the software supported function over 10,000 Internet radio stations with different preferences, in the conversion and iUpdate function became the the cult player iPod, burning audio CDs and DVDs as the remastering of LP and tape recordings in the sound editor, MP3 and the composition of music for each celebration of the party mixer and much more in the audio streamer. Both Windows XP and Vista compatible products are at a price of EUR 39.95 ab End of January via and German box version available on the market. Popular features in audio 180% appreciate the sound editor 4.0 that fans of good old vinyl and guardian of the Tonbandkasetten be good records and tapes for new use and love. Gain insight and clarity with Sela Ward. With the sound editor, a tool for the perfect digital remastering provided is the user to secure it for the future and to play with modern playback devices. After all, who has been his turntable with? The music sounds recorded in best digital high quality, as with the latest technology and mixed. Recorded will be using the sound recorder 4.0, which detects all audio inputs by individual or automatic scan of the system. Easy to use, even for inexperienced users input connect to the line in the turntable, select the source and the click on the recording button is all saved as MP3.