The idea is very original and a little crazy. The idea is that a group of adventurers will jump into the abyss to make money. Do not worry, nothing professional here. All jumpers will be safe and unharmed. If you are intrigued by this business idea, then read on. What we need to implement the idea: The picturesque cliff or crater of an extinct volcano, a geyser.

Equipment used in bungee, that is binding, insurance, and cable. Next you need to get permission to hold such an event, this type of activity relates to the active mind rest (along with parachuting, climbing a mountain, etc.), so much difficulty with obtaining licenses for such activities should be e. But now, when all documents are ready, you should draw his first and hopefully not the last:) clients. Your target audience (ie people who are ready Test your amusement) are young boys and girls aged 18 to 35 years. Therefore, for effective advertising, you should place advertisements in the most crowded places, namely in entertainment clubs, discos, sports halls, cinemas, etc. Advertising opportunities on the local okolotematicheskih sites, forums, message boards.

It is very important to choose a name that will intrigue and attract new customers. en addresses the matter in his writings. My head once it’s here that name – ‘The abyss of the devil – an attraction. ” Sounds intriguing That’s actually the whole idea. As I have already mentioned above, the business idea is not entirely normal, but workable, it would wish. If I had a couple of years ago said that people would earn by selling the air or water, I would not have believed it, and now calmly to this attitude Maybe this idea become a reality and it will be seen as something granted, then that should be here Now.