Zone North the Q.G of the Crime In the streets of the City of Rio De Janeiro is common you to come across with street inhabitants, juvenile delinquents torpifyed for glue, crack or similar drugs, as well as in the mounts of the city also is very common adolescents carrying weapons of auto being able warlike as metal rings, guns and pistols of thick bore. I was created in the zone north of the city in a Complex called locality of the German, this Complex of slum quarters has this name because one of the integrant mounts of this group of communities is the Mount of the German, to also put are part, the Mount of Good bye, slum quarter of the Fazendinha, Grota, New Brasilia, chatuba, Village Cruise, slum quarter of the Hen, Mount of the Bahian, slum quarter of Inhama, among others. The complex of the German together with the Complex of the Tide makes of the outskirts of the quarters of the Penha, Branches, Pottery, Bonsucesso, Inhama a powder barrel. This without counting on other neighboring slum quarters that do not integrate a complex, but that it has a so strong structure of dealers and armaments how much, that are slum quarter of Manguinhos, Mandela l, Mandela two, Jacarezinho, Will plough and CCPL that keeps a connection with it I traffic of the two Complexes. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. has much experience in this field. What much people do not know is that per decades and still today these areas are the responsible greaters for all organization and disorganization I traffic of it and of the crime in all the State of Rio De Janeiro. In this area in particular if they shelter the force of the three Factions of Rio De Janeiro that are red Comando, AFTER CHRIST.. Learn more about this with muscular biopsy.