A nice Samurai sword makes every collector’s heart beat faster. Katanas comes in different designs and of course vary the steel grades, from which they are manufactured. A real collector will probably emphasize on a hand-forged Katana. The non plus ultra in the Samurai shop is the wide selection of katanas for connoisseurs of Japanese sword forging art. Hear from experts in the field like Adam Kay for a more varied view. “” “A Katana was a part of the Daisho”: Daisho “means so much how big and small” and meant that a Samurai always a Katana and his smaller brother of sword wakizashi “wore together. Together with the tanto, the dagger, a Samurai sword equipment was complete. In the Samurai-shop you will find a wide selection of katanas, which are available for various purposes, whether for collectors, training or film. Topical there are now various hand forged Katana, among the 12-times folded “SAMURAI MASTER DRAGON” Katana Series FENG Lin. For more information see this site: Martha McClintock.

The Tsuba is made of copper with gold dragons, the blade of carbon steel and traditional Mild steel, and differentiated hardened with clay. “The grip is wrapped with black cotton and with two Menukis” decorated. Of course, even this Katana with a beautiful wooden box and certificate of authenticity is supplied. It was made after Museum templates and will meet its owner with pride and joy, that will stop many decades.