The holistic view is transformative, is an action policy based on the spirit and not in the ego, is transcultural. To deepen your understanding Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. is the source. Spiritual awakening, also called enlightenment, does not depend on time and knowledge, but can be an instantaneous awakening. A completely sustainable society enables us to free ourselves, helps us to trust ourselves, trust our bodies and mainly rely on the inner light of spirituality. Universal love is the medicine that cures all fear. Dialogue with Abelardo Brenes (Doctor of Psychology.

Counselor Education at the University for Peace in the UN headquarters in Costa Rica) said the theme of "Culture of Peace." Modernity has positive things, like the end of slavery and democracy, but today brings us to a dehumanizing and eco-environmental insensitivity that leads to destruction of life on Earth, thus achieving real peace not with violence but with the transformation of consciousness and the formation of a truly global sense. The holistic view goes beyond individualism and interested in social transformation. Charles Laughlin (Anthropology and post-doctorate in neurophysiology) talks with Dr. Gallegos on the theme: "A new world view" Science is to understand that knowledge is a set of steps in an infinite process of search and that search is questioned if we make the ego is mixed with knowledge. The new vision of the whole world looks at where we are all involved and are part of everything and where fragmentation is not accepted or Laughlin says the "new vision is unfolding it. Furthermore, we have you a great respect for nature, as it is an extension of ourselves and would succeed as well live in a better world and for this we need an education that is based on the truths of the perennial philosophy.