Way to make: It cooks potatoes with rind; depoisde cozidas and peeled, cut each one for the way and arranges them in a ouassadeira form, in such way that the cut parts are come back toward top; it sprinkles with salt. After that, it puts pieces of glten cooked. Separately, it fries the onions in the oil, but only a little. It adds the gravy of tomatoe, the parrot, the gravy of soy, the milk of coconut and the salt, and leaves to boil one 2 or 3 minutes. It puts then this mixture, to the spoonfuls, on of the potato and of glten, and assepor one 20 minutes. It removes of the oven and ornament with rodelas of chili, asfatias of eggs, olives and galhinhos of parsley. It serves to follow.

It has outramaneira to cook the slices of glten so that they receive a good one I temper: in vezde to cook them in a tomatoe gravy, puts them in the cooked and tempered beans already, ecom sufficiently broth, and cooks in the pressure pan the 15 20 minutes. They will have different umsabor. The beans can be used to eat as always. The slices deglten, after cozidas, can be used in many ways: milanesa beefburger, in stews; or worn out in baked, cookies, fillings, gravies etc. BAKED EGGPLANT Ingredients: 1 average eggplant, 2 spoons of sopade oil, 3 soup spoons of pricked onion, 2 soup spoons of pimentopicado, 2 soup spoons of pricked parsley, 1 soup spoon of soy gravy, 3 wheat flour soup spoons, 3 or 4 tomatoes in rodelas, slices depo with vegetal margarina, salt the taste, 1 tooth of perforated garlic.