Any creative person will sooner or later cease to create a table and decides to show the results of their sleepless nights the world. And if, for example, a writer to do it simply – you can start a blog on LiveJournal. That designer, photographer or illustrator of these funds is necessary. What will the creator of the graphic content? There are several ways. First, you can register in one of the social networks and share their work in personal photo albums, but in this case, the author's audience will consist mostly of his friends Friend.

Secondly, it is possible to lay out their work at a special service to create a portfolio on the web. For example,. Additional information at Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. supports this article. The advantage of this method is its simplicity. It does not require knowledge of a person at least some web-based and done well, as fast as the registration in the usual social networks. Then you only need to regularly upload your pictures and start acquaintances among these the same artists. Third, you can create your website. Way, of course, more time consuming and expensive than others. Its advantage is the complete freedom of action, which is lacking in the previous methods.

Not only can you arrange your site as you wish, and in fact, correct design framework for a picture or artwork for the album – a pledge the right perception of your work the audience, but also add to it any additional information. Besides it, your site can become a springboard for further creative growth, and, perhaps, and your business. Let us consider a third option. What does it take to create a website portfolio? Must find a suitable engine. The most popular of the free, open-source engine at the moment is the CMS Joomla!. Pros of this engine is that it created for a huge number of additions and extensions, setting that you can get a project that is right for you.