The hidden sugar many manufacturers pledge that their wares are beneficial to health. Milk products manufactured especially for children are available in the critique, they contain lots of sugar or other sugar variants. Puddings, fruits quarks and the brown-white sections contain much granulated sugar. But other finished products – muesli, Fruhstucksflakes, sweet fruit spreads, chocolate-containing cream varieties, sweet white flour bread, etc – leads to the sweet white stuff. In many products, the fat is reduced, increasing the proportion of sugar, flavors or other flavor enhancers also come to train, so that ultimately the food cocktail meets the taste buds that are acquired by the food manufacturer. The consumer gets the statement that the fat is the root of all evil, but not the fine crystalline sugar thus. Far from it, because the sugar is the real sick of the nation. He is responsible for making that explode the diseases in industrialized countries.

The manufacturers know only well, promote that the White Mountain is not only harmful for the teeth, but also lifestyle diseases – diabetes, gastric and intestinal diseases, heart and cardiovascular diseases, etc. -. Therefore the word sugar is hardly used on the nutrition list, rather it uses the possibility of finding other definitions – glucose, fructose, Galactose, sucrose, lactose, and maltose. To encourage consumers to buy advertised goods by any means, although it is known that sugar-enriched products are just not healthy. The buyer no longer takes the word sugar on the packaging, so him by implying that the product generally sugar-free and therefore is no danger for health. Strange way continues to grow in the number of those who suffer from diseases in industrialized countries.

In Germany are currently living over eight million people diagnosed with diabetes–of which 85 percent are overweight. The numbers for stomach and intestinal problems fast also in the height. Given this development every consumer should reconsider critically its consumer behavior, because only so he prevented sick to eat. Shopping always a special attention should be on the list of ingredients. It would make sense if the industry would be forced, in addition to label their products with a light food. For consumers, the which is no taking time the product closer to take, it would be a small guide inspect sure. Also for children there might also be helpful, because they know: red, you have to be, you can go for green. Of course, the traffic light should not prevent the thinking, but give incentive to look at the finished product. Unfortunately the EU has turned in June 2010 against a mandatory colour food labelling, however, manufacturers may voluntarily label their products with a traffic light. Two affected authors had to suffer the consequences of high carbohydrate food (sugar) for many years. They describe their way out of the trap of sugar in her self-help books, give Tips, suggestions and cabbage hydrate poor recipes offer.