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Poor Fellows

Obliged Gentleman, because I was not assaulted nor died today, while vi in the TV hundreds of people dying today unjustly. Obliged Gentleman, because still I have a house pr to live, while many had been poured today by sentence. Obliged Gentleman, because still he has big cookies in my table pr to eat, whereas nor this the beggar who passes in the house front has. Obliged Gentleman because still I can catch a cup with the hands, while vi today a woman who could not move the arms nor catch its baby in the col. Obliged Gentleman because I can walk, not knowing exactly right pr where to go, whereas the deficient physicists are in the made unusable chairs of wheels. Obliged Gentleman for making me to be ridicularizado by another driver who closed me and I aguentei, because it was armed and ready to shoot. Obliged Gentleman for having suffered bullying when she was child and to have horrible traumas because of this, whereas those oppressed that me receive the fire from the hell. Obliged Gentleman for all these disasters that pass in the TV to reach not yet me, whereas the pain I cry and it of that we see in the TV not in them they affect. I thank, finally, the Mr., for having given us as many illnesses, so that in our convalescimento let us have a light of the reason this everything occurs, and same that do not obtain to understand the reasons, That at least, in our death, pains cease.

The Tree

FIRST WORDS the Evil is something that alone if characterizes favours, first, the existence of the Good. However, when characterizing itself, the Evil finishes for characterizing the Good, that is, it characterizes that the Good is Good. The Good and the Evil are forces that if would annul in case that only one existed. For example, the health is something good, but for who it only knows the illness, that is something bad. However when we have health we do not give to importance to the type of drink or food that we consume.

The important one is that they are pleasant to our palate. However, when we adoecemos is that we perceive that the health is something good, that is, for intermediary badly I discovered it that the good is good. This relation is directly proportional, that is, how much bigger it will be the evil, more certainty we will have of that the good is good. In the example in question, how much bigger more certainty will have the patient of that will be the disease the health is something good. Soon, the evil of the illness characterizes the benignancy of the health. But, illness does not exist without it has the health first. Therefore, badly it characterizes the good, but its existence depends on the previous existence of the good.

Many, or all, condemn Adam and Eva for having eaten the fruit of the tree of the knowledge enters the Good and the Evil. For we are very easy to say that what they had made was not correct, but we only know of this because we are experts of the sin. Certainly that Adam and Eva did not know that the perpetual life was something good, until knowing the death. After this, they had started to give value to the fruit of a tree that always was to the disposal of them, but them it seemed so normal how much to the others, therefore it did not give importance to it: The Tree of the Life.