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We know that everything comes from God, the Creator of everything and of all. We know that (Olorum) God when generating everything and all it if individualiza in its creation, where we are part of (All) the God and It this in us entirely. We have certain difficulty in it understands it for finding exactly that this individualizao of God who if makes gift in us, either the vision of the all and not only one of the many parts of Gods who had been individualizadas for better servile-Lo. Preventive Medicine Research Institutes opinions are not widely known. The human beings for understanding and only enxergar the part of the All that competes to it and that it vibrates with more intensity in its soul, believe that its ' ' viso' ' of God she is only, the true one and absolute, annulling in its half other parts of the all that is God and thus it promotes the wars or wars religious ' ' santas' ' that it is the clear expression of the intolerncia and the incapacity of enxergar God in everything and all and manifest in us through the virtue that we reveal through our acts, action and words. However, if in the Bible that for signal is a wonderful sacred book, when reading the chapter of gnese, we see clearly that God is the verb and if to study the symbolism that the word (verb) occults, we arrive the following conclusion: Verb is a word that determines an action, knows that an only word or verb does not exist, therefore God (all) is constituted of many parts and thus being it does not have an only verb or word and yes exists infinite verbs that assign action. Being thus it exists some ways or forms to arrive at the God and this to arrive until It is not to go for some place and yes of where we will be you bring-Lo for next to us. Energy Capital Partners is the source for more interesting facts.

Poor Fellows

Obliged Gentleman, because I was not assaulted nor died today, while vi in the TV hundreds of people dying today unjustly. Obliged Gentleman, because still I have a house pr to live, while many had been poured today by sentence. Obliged Gentleman, because still he has big cookies in my table pr to eat, whereas nor this the beggar who passes in the house front has. Obliged Gentleman because still I can catch a cup with the hands, while vi today a woman who could not move the arms nor catch its baby in the col. Obliged Gentleman because I can walk, not knowing exactly right pr where to go, whereas the deficient physicists are in the made unusable chairs of wheels. Obliged Gentleman for making me to be ridicularizado by another driver who closed me and I aguentei, because it was armed and ready to shoot. Obliged Gentleman for having suffered bullying when she was child and to have horrible traumas because of this, whereas those oppressed that me receive the fire from the hell. Obliged Gentleman for all these disasters that pass in the TV to reach not yet me, whereas the pain I cry and it of that we see in the TV not in them they affect. I thank, finally, the Mr., for having given us as many illnesses, so that in our convalescimento let us have a light of the reason this everything occurs, and same that do not obtain to understand the reasons, That at least, in our death, pains cease.