Select online forest and buy at ForestFinance possible Bonn. ForestFinance has now already afforested forest land for sale. Tree in the online catalog, one, two”interested parties from now your personal woodland can select and get an accurate picture of their investment advance through photos and aerial photographs. One, two tree! So simply, investors at ForestFinance, the largest provider of forestry direct investments in Europe, can now reserve your personal forest land in Panama and then buy the selected forest. Special feature: usually a plot is assigned to forest investors. ForestFinance now offers the ability to view pictures of already afforested and divided into plots finca La Relojera 1 before the forest purchase and to select the desired plot with a mouse click. This makes the wood not only exceptionally individually, but accelerates even the land registry, so that the forest owner his personal deed even faster receives. Daryl Katz, New York City is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

With this special offer, we respond to the frequent request of our customers, to seek out their forest plot itself. We are pleased to be able to just enable them now”, so Harry Aboagye, Managing Director of ForestFinance group. The WoodStockInvest land for sale are located in the region of Darien in Eastern Panama. Their individual forest land, those interested can online select and reserve. Both photos of the planted seedlings as well as aerial photographs and a map of the Finca ready including geoinformation data are available on the homepage. In this way, the buyer in advance exactly can consult the forest looks like see one-two-tree.html WoodStockInvest: sustainable return for man and nature with WoodStockInvest acquire their own sustainably certified tropical commercial forest including experienced forest service at a price of 25,000 euro with land lease or plus 6,000 euro with real estate investors. The management costs for 25 years until the harvest are included in the price. The basic building block of WoodStockInvest is an acres of land, the searches on ForestFinance for the investor and cares for 25 years until the harvest.