Who does not like dried fish? Aromatic, extremely tasty, and it is a wonderful addition to beer, and a separate product, which may well be counted among the specialties. Subcutaneous fat, which is impregnated with a fish carcass the process of withering, gives her an amazing, with nothing comparable to the taste. So has neither taste fried, not boiled or stewed fish. Professionally cooked dried fish is able to deliver its true connoisseur pleasure. Ways to cook dried fish extremely much.

However, they all consist of two phases: pre-salting and drying immediately. The result is the same process may be different, but he always excellent and worthy spent on the process of drying efforts. In common parlance any dried fish called roach. However, it could be a bream, and roach, bream and and sabrefish, and carp, and perch, and pike, and some saltwater fish. Each of these salted fish on a special recipe and processed by a specific technology, the specifics of which are known only to professionals in this area and these fishermen. Most often vyalyat vobla, roach, rudd and bream, which often referred to as rams.

Despite the fact that the roach and dace little fatter than rudd and roach, the taste of all these species of fish after provyalivaniya similar. To catch the difference in him can only real gourmet, who knows a lot about fish delicacies. According to AJE, who has experience with these questions. Dried bream – a real "pub" fish. It significantly larger than previous types of fish, and fatter. Bream has a distinctive flavor bouquet, and is very popular as a dried, smoked, and in form. Dried sichel – unusually tasty product! Thick, clear, it is never dry and is very popular among beer drinkers, and among those who love to eat dried fish. Carp vyalitsya for special recipes, which they know in everyday life few. Therefore, it is not undeservedly in the forefront of popularity. It is well provyalenny, medium sized goldfish has a superb sweet taste and pleasant smell. Small carp dryish, but it is not prevent him from being an excellent complement to the beer. Dried and cured pike perch – it's true delights. In perch fibrous, sweet meat, taste of which are specific, but undeniable. Pike also has a pungent aroma and a soft meat with a rich, full of the various components of the taste.