3. Do not have address where contact them apart from an email form this is something I see quite often. Pages for contact us who only have a web form, without any number of phone, cell phone, fax, email or physical address. This limits much communication between the client and the web design company and leaves much to be desired in its customer service policy. Companies must take into account that not all customers are the same and there are some who prefer to make a call telephone rather than fill out a simple form. It is clear that only having a form of contact us without more information is a strategy that is not accidental, however it seems that this strategy in a little wrong since a phone call may be the ideal opportunity to convince the customer that should work with us is complete. On the other hand, if a company other than the form only has a cell phone number then you can be almost certain that this is a person who is camaroneando since any web design company would have at least a fixed phone number. 4 Abusing the use of templates I know that this point is something controversial, that is clear, I have nothing against the use of templates, but I do think that they aren’t appropriate at all times. You see, I think that the templates are perfect for projects whose time of delivery, by X or and reason, is around the corner and is needed to come out with something fast, since failure to do so represents impact for the client (which must be aware of the fact that they are using a template to your project, and with a view that long-term yea should be a design with more time AA and oriented to the real requirements of structure and design of the project in question).