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Prophylactic Hair Gel Tonic

Disassemble the hair with your fingers first, let them dry out or ventilate by a hair dryer. Apply a little hair balm. You can distribute it using comb. Hold for 1-3 minutes for best effects and plenty of hair rinse. In combination with a light massage balm has beneficial effects on hair and revives the circulation in the skin, helps nutrients into her cell. The optimal lipid composition Aktinius Shampoo eliminates the need for air conditioning. Greasy hair.

Apply to wet hair, shampoo for oily hair Sargassum and massaged for 2-3 minutes, rinse with warm water. If your hair is not washed at a time, again apply shampoo, massage? vat scalp for 2-3 minutes and finally rinse with warm water. At the end of the procedure apply hair conditioner and massaged for 5-7 minutes rubbed into the scalp. Hair pack, using Sargassum rinse with conditioning effect. Dry brittle hair. Boil water to make it softer. Apply to wet hair, shampoo for Sargassum damaged and weakened hair. Do not confuse your hair, massage your scalp for 2-3 minutes in the direction from front to back, rinse with warm water and shampoo.

If the dandruff, then repeat the procedure. Gently squeeze the hair with a towel. Apply balm Hair for 10-15 minutes and rub it into the scalp. With this procedure, hair is produced in sufficient quantities necessary moisture, and energy and a healthy glow. Comb dry hair should be especially carefully, trying not to vomit and do not break. Laid dry or slightly moist. Complex of plant acids, introduced in Sargassum Shampoo, promotes intensive cleansing of the upper cornified layer of the epidermis, which may cause in the initial period increased use of exfoliation (dandruff). Thinned, brittle hair, prone to severe hair loss. Gently comb the hair, rub hair conditioner into your scalp and hold for 20 minutes. Chicken egg yolk wash your hair: Beat yolks with 3 drops of jojoba oil and apply on hair. Wrap the head with a towel, hold for 10 minutes. Pour into a bowl of warm water and wash the egg in a bowl. Water with the egg wash hair for 5 minutes, then rinse with boiled water. Dry towel and re-apply hair conditioner, thoroughly and gently rubbing it into the scalp. Gently comb the hair starting from the tips, put in my hair. To improve the structure of the hair daily use restorative Prophylactic Gel Tonic for dry and damaged hair. Combination hair. If the hair has a combined response, ie the roots – the fat, and the ends – damaged or dry, it is advisable to use shampoo Sargassum for greasy hair, which is perfectly clean scalp and hair, will help adjust the sebaceous glands. A Balm for Hair "heal" all the wounds on the web. Do not apply conditioner to the roots: let the hair on it area will remain a little rough, that will not allow fat to spread rapidly along the entire length of hair.

Secrets Of The Spring Mood

Spring is coming, spring road … With what impatience we often wait for her arrival, tired of winter avitominoza, depression, looking with horror at their thinning and dull hair and dry skin. It is time, ladies, it’s time to tidy himself up. Woman in the spring to bloom – it is a law of nature! Overall health. It’s no secret that our daily food in the winter-spring season is limited mainly to potatoes, meat, pasta and bakery products.

As result – lack of vitamins and minerals, that is not the best effect on skin and hair. And then there’s the extra pounds … But this is a topic for another article. And now – the first thing to do – fill up knackered body vitaminchikami and useful substances. The best sources – natural products. Treat yourself to a meal of celery. Salads and soups from it as well as possible contribute to the enrichment of the organism trace elements and vitamins.

Even grandmothers survived the market onions, parsley, carrots, beets, dried fruits. Try frozen fruits and vegetables, of which can be cooked fruit compote, add to soups and stews. Do not forget about citrus. But, Unfortunately, this may not be enough. So drink a course of vitamin and mineral complexes, useful as spirulina and fish oil. Hair. Dull and falling out hair – the usual effects of winter cold. It’s time for them nourish. Think about the change of shampoo, shampoo usual spring may be useless. Compulsory treatment – hair nutrition. You can use the grandmother’s recipes. Good results are obtained weekly mask Olive Oil – slightly warm, rub into hair, wrap up and walk about two hours. For greater efficiency can be added to butter egg, broth calamus root or burdock. Rinse the hair after washing decoction of herbs – chamomile, nettle. If your hair is very thick – try a mask of henna (for light hair sold colorless henna), sour milk or dark bread. Use ready-made tools for hair care – shampoos restorative, tonic, mask balms and conditioners. Leather. For most women, the facial skin is combination, which in winter become dry and flaky. And if the winter was the main goal – nourish the skin, but now it needs a maximum of wetting. Apply a good moisturizer in the morning and at night – a special night or nutritious. Do not forget the masks for the face. They are able to quickly return it to you fresh and flourishing appearance. Masks are very useful on the basis of clay, mud, algae and herbs. The main rule – a quality natural cosmetics! Treat yourself to a good medical cosmetics, because as he said Remarque: ‘The woman, who save for themselves, is the man one wish – save her. ” Hands. Hands like nothing else give the true age of the woman. Alas, the daily work at home does not add beauty to our pens and soft. Help them! Here is a very simple and amazingly effective recipe: pour in a bowl of hot water, dissolve baking soda in it and drop your hands for 20 minutes. You will be amazed result, the skin becomes smooth and soft! Do not forget to lubricate a nourishing cream. Several of these procedures – and you will no longer look like Cinderella. The theme of beauty recipes is endless, but we still end up on this.