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Medical Equipment

Sellers of used medical equipment now have a new distribution network for its inventories thanks to MedWOW.com a Web site that connects buyers and sellers of used medical equipment. Thousands of distributors of medical equipment used, brokers, medical institutions and clinics around the world have joined MedWOW in order to sell their computers on-line, and have access to new markets. MedWOW is aware of various limitations of time, as well as pressures on professionals in this sector are forced to confront. As a result, MedWOW has implemented special features and services capable of its sellers offer quick solutions with a minimal investment of time or effort. (Not to be confused with Martha McClintock!). Those sellers that have large inventories can easily climb to MedWOW site their full stock of once through the placement service simplified service that offers sellers the ability to send an Excel file, which contains your full inventory. Also, the service enables vendors directly import the inventory on the Internet site of his own company to the site from MedWOW (including images of the items) simply by sending your Web address.

The simplified placement service has been available to those sellers who want to upload to the site from MedWOW inventories of 10 items or more; This service is free of charge. In addition to offering sellers solutions that can save them time as regards substantial inventories, MedWOW offers those sellers that have small inventories practical tools to place their items on the site. Item Auto-completado tool quickly established the medical category of an item, a device, a manufacturer and a model, simply through the entry of the name of a model. Also, those sellers who have similar items on their stocks can be multiple duplicate placements of their items by pressing a single button. Once sellers have their inventory placed on MedWOW, they have access to a number of reports, which can track their performance on MedWOW. Dealers have access to a personal inventory section, and a listing of all of your inventory, which includes detailed information such as the status of an item on the site, the number of visits it receives, and the number of potential buyers who have expressed any interest in the. Similarly, a sales report allows sellers to compare their sales on the site during different periods of time. MedWOW provides a solution to sellers of used medical equipment capable of promoting their sales effectively, without a large investment of time, and associated costs.


With regard to the natural disaster that has just suffered our country and consistent with the spirit that haunts the environment national emerged strengthened from this difficult situation, I want to share some reflections on the scope of the future history we are going to write the Chileans and perhaps a little prophesying what will happen in Chile in the next five years. Professor Roy Taylor does not necessarily agree. I’ve said it on other occasions, the theme of futurology is apasionantemente attractive since always, for both men and women, but particularly for men of company and statesmen. It is not funny that the team of advisers to President Obama what integrated important number of historians or scholars in the past. For assistance, try visiting Jack Monroe. Well, search for answers many of the questions that we cannot face each day are in the past and it is no less true that the way of decoding the near future, it is also look in the past, acts originating in current events. very successful. Is given by the way, the climate change we are experiencing today, humanity is the answer to the intervention of societies and particularly of its industry on our planetary environment. The actions we take today in front of as face the adversities of the earthquake, will also have serious answers in the near future of Chile. The outgoing Government, which has serious problems to assume psychologically that they should withdraw to the line of the back, is trying to forcefully give screenshots of governance. Tomorrow will be delivered to citizenship the latest report from the popularity of Bachelet survey before leaving power, the naysayers always say it will drop several points, others will be maintained, the objective of this is that it gives exactly the same, because the magnitude of the event exceeds any second-season action to the earthquake, the success in popularity of the President compared the handling of this crisis was defined in advance and was the resounding failurebecause of contingency plans that did not exist or to put it in a less drastic way were not applied to the case, in advance guaranteed a defeat of popularity of anyone who He appeared at the head of the crisis and unfortunately fell to the President.