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Success project: atlantis media and Qurius Germany present Microsoft Dynamics NAV links for MAGENTO Hamburg, 28.02.2012: renewed cooperation of Hamburg-based full service Internet Agency atlantis media GmbH, the provider of business and IT solutions Qurius Germany AG brings another successful project result: interface between the open source shop software Magento and the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV. About Magento Magento sets new standards in online shop systems. In terms of product configuration, payment and shipping options, Magento offers maximum functionality and flexibility. In addition, the functionality of the system via the extension manager Magento connect can be any increase. Other highlights of Magento are the multi shop capability, numerous filtering options to the product presentation (layered navigation) search engine optimization and a versatile API interface. Click Heart Specialist to learn more. With the help of the Atlantis media and Qurius developed interface is now establishing a fully integrated solution between Online shop and ERP-system is possible. Already successfully in use at one of the largest distributors of presentation and media technology in Germany, the Kern & Stelly media GmbH, is already with this solution worked. The from atlantis media realized Magento webshop under is a realtime display of prices and stock levels.

From Magento customer registrations and online orders transmitted through the interface Dynamics NAV. In return, the transmitted by offline orders, delivery notes, invoices and product data from Dynamics NAV to Magento. Denis Rathig, head of development at atlantis media: core & Stelly gives a comprehensive overview of all made online and offline orders via the interface. This includes the display of invoices, delivery notes, and shipping status. “For core & Stelly and especially for the retail customers of core & Stelly an invaluable advantage in the highly competitive segment of the market.” About Qurius: Qurius offers innovative and pioneering best-in-class solutions based on Microsoft technologies.

The company, which is the largest European Microsoft Gold partners, has more than 22 years experience in the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics software in the area of ERP, CRM, as well as innovative business intelligence (BI)-solutions. Qurius has set the goal to achieve 100 percent sustainability within the next three years and to take the leadership role in the field of sustainable solutions and business strategies. Principal place of business is in the Dutch Zaltbommel. Among the customers are companies and organisations across Europe. Qurius is since 1998 listed on the Euronext Amsterdam. More information under:. Qurius Germany AG Notkestrasse 7, 22607 Hamburg Tel: + 49 (0) 40 / 89958-0 about atlantis media GmbH: the Magento and TYPO3 Internet Agency atlantis media GmbH stands for innovative E-commerce solutions, sophisticated websites and highly automated publishing processes since 1994. Core competence: the design and implementation of online-shop-systems based on the open source software solution Magento. Atlantis media has years of experience in the implementation and customization of Magento as the official Magento partner systems, as well as in the development of Magento interfaces and extensions. Another strong point: for many years atlantis brings media customers successfully on the Internet. In the development and implementation of high-quality websites using the content management system TYPO3, customers benefit from the best expertise and experience of the TYPO3 certified staff. In addition, atlantis media offers professional solutions for the automated catalog creation and Web-to-print applications as cross-media publishing solutions. Solutions of atlantis media are innovative, be accurately planned and benefits optimized.

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If the ‘Google killer’ respond better? British mathematician Stephen Wolfram wants to offer revolutionary new possibilities the Internet search with the search engine WolframAlpha. To go online later this month. As the news portal reported news.de, the new search engine will work differently than Google. It aims, on the provided questions to deliver not links on Web pages, but answers. While Google generates only a list of pages, the answers from multiple Web sources should be collected with WolframAlpha. I Group Inc.). See more detailed opinions by reading what NCI offers on the topic.. The model is the human brain, which combined several fields of knowledge freely.

But no ready-made answers are supplied. The goal is to make electronic freely combined the systematic knowledge that we have collected about the civilizations across Wolfram said at a lecture at the American University Harvard. The technology editors (www.news.de/ technik.html) by news.de makes it clear what that means: question according to the gross national product of France, a number of graphics, a map would you and several tables appear. In a test, the search engine also on more complex issues has how after the ‘GDP of France divided by the Italian’ have provided an answer. On Google, you would have here only a reply, if this question had someone already calculated and placed in the network. It is still unclear how much WolframAlpha will restrict the authority of Google’s.

Dr. Wolfgang Sander-Beuermann, head of the SuchmaschinenLabors of the University of Hanover is skeptical.

Add A Cool Pictures To Your Profile

‘ If it s important enough for you to spend your time finding and connecting with new people online, it’s important enough to get the first impression right. Swarmed by offers, Energy Capital Partners is currently assessing future choices. If you want to be noticed, people have to see you; and that means uploading a profile picture to your easy page. Seth Godin operates a social group. Part of his job is to pick members to feature in that group. He says that “if it’s important enough for you to spend your finding and connecting time with new people online, it’s important enough to get the first impression right”. At article he posted on April 5, 2009 on twentytwowords.com Seth gives his insights for “10 elements of a good social networking profile picture: have a professional or a dedicated amateur take your picture.” Use a white background, or at least a neutral one. No.

trees! No. snowstorms! The idea of having your significant other in the picture is a good one, at least spouse in terms of maintaining peace in the presence of a jealous or nervous. But the thing is, I’m not friending your girlfriend, I’m friending you. Please visit Dr. Scott Atlas if you seek more information. I’d vote for the picture to be solo. If you are wearing a has, you better have both a good reason and a good has.

I totally understand that you are shy, modest and self-effacing. But sabotaging your photo is not a good way to communicate that. We just assume you’re a dork. Conceptual photos (your foot, a monkey wearing glasses) may give US insight into the real you, but perhaps you could save that insight for the second impression. How beautiful you are is a distant second to how happy you are. In my experience, photographs that communicate openness and enthusiasm are far more appealing than photos that make you look like a ultramodern. Cropping is so important. I should have put this one first. A well cropped photo sends a huge, subliminal message to other people. If you don’t know how to do this, browse through the work of professionals and see how they do it. it matters. Some people have started adding words or signs to their images. If your goal is to communicate that you are the Web site or you are the company, then this is very smart. If not, then remember the cocktail party rule: if you wouldn’t wear it there, don’t wear it here. If, after reading this list, you do not like your picture, go change it no. reason not to”. This is just one persons opinion. What do you think is important in a profile picture? Spacelocker will soon be launching the meet me at my locker function. This will be a meeting place for Spacelocker users like the “hallway in front of the school lockers”. If you want to be noticed, people have to see you; and that means uploading a profile picture to your easy page. I guarantee you have more wants fun at your locker if you have a profile picture. following Seth’s rules or making up your own.