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10 Traps Prom

"Happiness – it's when you understand." From the film "will live until Monday," My friend, forgetting to wear glasses, read a headline like "Ten girls prom …" Hey, where's my seventeen years? No, my friends, we want to tell you exactly the problems that accompany all of the organizers of the prom. Problems, of course, much more, and all of them, in general, be solved, but you can not forget them. We list the top 10: security, alcohol, boredom, guests, guerrilla, bad music, the program, the masses, megalomania, the end – the cause of the crown. Briefly go through each problem. For assistance, try visiting Monty Don. 1. Security. Airmen say that the best aircraft in which the number is the number of takeoffs landings.

The best graduation party, in which the number of graduates who attended the last call is the number of graduates razvezennyh home. All the problems of the exhaust is better to entrust professionals, but too safe – in the first place. 2. Alcohol. Guys need to feel that they are adults and are allowed a little sip. Unfortunately, some seventeen macho understand the word "sip", as "Kick".

Some would-be graduates even boast: "I kicked that prom do not remember!". Yes, this "achievement" wonder proud. You should not spoil the exhaust themselves or others. In adult life, reason will be plenty of kick, and the joy prom lost forever. 3. Boredom. Serious danger. Think about the surprises that will enliven the evening. Remember that at the outlet, if the "people" bored, something to think would be too late. 4. Guests. Good evening, guests will decorate the bad … And guess easily. I remember we invited well-known poet, graduate school, and she suddenly started to remember how she worked on the railroad … In my opinion, none of the graduates of that year to train and did not come close. 5. Guerrilla. If the class is friendly, the trap is easily avoided. We can not allow the division of children into groups of interest. 6. Bad music. Consider interests of seventeen. Do not invite rappers and symphonic, unless your school is not in the conservatory. Speak musical preferences in advance. 7. Program. It should not be prolonged (see section 3 "Boredom"), it should not be transient (see Section 5, "guerrilla"). You can give a lot of practical advice, but is best left to professionals. 8. Masses. Prom night the whole country celebrates a day. If your class or school will join the a lot of the same graduates in the central square, waterfront or near the monument to Prince Rurik in his entourage, then you do not collect them. 9. Megalomania. Do not try to cover in one night everything is done for eleven years. The evening should contain no more than two or three major projects. Assume School – banquet hall – a ship or a school – the Kremlin – Berendeys forest, or math lesson – the school canteen – a spaceship … but not anymore. 10. End – the cause of the crown. Remember graduation ceremony ends with the return of all (absolyutno!) home. Do not relax too soon. Believe me, the final trapping many more, to be absolutely accurate – 247, but there is a right and a universal way of coping with all – trust the professionals!

Wedding Bells

Hooray! The cherished dream has come true, and finally decided on a narrowed important step – put on a cherished ring on the ring finger of your right hand. Otzvuchal traditional ceremonial march by Mendelssohn, the guests assembled – all waiting for entertainment. And so than their surprise – that is, of course, your first concern. I wanted to really remember your wedding they just do not drunken scuffle and not boring competitions. Here it should be something that way, amazing what your jealous podruzhentsiya could not even dream of. The Cleveland Clinic is often quoted as being for or against this. At this point I have a few ideas from personal experience, which I gladly share with you. fzuBcQ&oe=624D0B80’>Zach Dell follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. ‘DanVideo’ course, would do well to visitors from the registrar to the restaurant to deliver a good limousine, not rastryasat The keyway in the old or overpay for a dozen Mercedes. First, it’s now in vogue, and the second limousine – the car is very spacious and most of your friends will make you (the bride and groom), great company and raise mood on the way to the registrar and vice versa.

If you decided to celebrate their victory in Minsk Hero-City, after registering you can place flowers on the avenue to the Stealth winners – pay tribute to the heroic liberators, by which we you were born, and at the same time to decorate a wedding photo and video session. Good memories, plus great entertainment is guaranteed. You can dazzle ‘vessel of his own happiness “on the Nemiga. How do you do about it have not heard? Do not believe it! In the old city at the potter can be ordered a vessel of any shape and size, besides leaving it to each other a love letter. Imagine, you will find it on the eve of ‘Golden Wedding’ and think yourself young, at the same time compare as much you love each other, as it was fifty years ago, or your feelings, time-tested, have become even more invaluable. We assume that our cruise was a success. Guests have a little tired and hungry, in a word, wait – not wait, sit down when the abundance of dishes table. And here you are again on the horse – ‘Chocolate Fountain’ is what you need, I assure you.

By the way, he could chip your celebration. As you might have guessed from the fountain beats not water, but chocolate, dark or milk – you decide. Strung on skewers sliced pieces of fruit (by the way, they are included in installation kit), come to the fountain and hot chocolate drops envelop the lush banana, strawberries or exotic mango. Would you like sweet barbecue all very simple – fruit strung on a skewer – that’s the whole difference. Yes, the fountain will not only give your wedding a certain personality, but also create your good mood, because, as you know, Harmon chocolate contributes to the development of joy. Breads your guests have plenty already, and now require spectacles? Ok, the show-ballet, clowns, dancers and gypsy ensemble even pop stars. It all depends on the thickness of your wallet, and of course your imagination. Complete one of the best holidays in your life can be a colorful fireworks display. The main thing be careful and not set fire to anyone. And, finally, the main piece of advice: love and appreciate each other Pay more attention to each other and then your holiday will seem a good tale to you and your guests.

Fathers And Sons

Between parents and children, friendship is not possible in the full sense of the word. It just, just, kind of a supporting element of the educational process and, ultimately, is not the only carbohydrate interaction. Children remember that parents have made them into the light, that gave them life – in short, they are the first who will fall to them on the eyes in my life. Friends come vposledstvii.S friends can read the online youth magazine, watch TV, read original articles, listen to radio, going to the movies. But all is not what … Nobody in the world is no substitute for parents.

Parents should be good to remember that above all – the children, and after them all the more. To our extreme regret and disappointment is not so, as if it should be. Therefore, there are problems. Parents want to see in the children themselves, and children – parents themselves. Should not perceive reality as the Creator who created it: in harmony – the children are children, parents – the parents? Ah, the youth of today would ask embarrassing questions: “If this were the last day of your life, then what would you spent it? ‘. I think it should not apply here answers, let alone think everyone on this issue.