The Siamese cat has been very popular for their physical characteristics, such as the type of hair, blue eyes and long, lean body. The Siamese cat is an outgoing, cheerful and affectionate. The origin of this cat is in the Far East, specifically in Thailand. In the nineteenth century British travelers are surprised by this breed of cat. They were familiar with the Angora and see this issue of long body and short, soft fur made them take a number of Siamese cat gifts and others.

At the same time, the French had discovered this cat and used to see in some exhibitions. The appearance of the Siamese cat was very different from what we know today. Her body was more robust and have rounder heads. The first to be imported from Thailand had brown tips. Following these tips kittens reared blue, chocolate and lilac. Also, there are other tips Siamese cats red and Roman British breeders began mixing with other races. For these mixtures are developed, the silver-tipped ears, smoke, cinnamon and beige.

This is a cat who wants attention from his master. You can meow for hours having a conversation with your caregiver or with himself. The Siamese cat is very sociable and if they are not paid sufficient attention to the demand. They are friends of dogs and, of course, other cats. They can not be left alone too long, need constant companionship to pet and pamper them for a long time. They are playful, happy and fun. The Siamese cat is short hair, her body is slender, long and thin. Their legs are long, slender and their hooves are oval. Its tail is long and thin. The shape of the face forms a perfect equilateral triangle. Her eyes are usually deep blue and oblique. Siamese kittens are pure white at birth, three years after the layer has the final color. The light areas of the layer tend to darken with age, one consequence is the high temperature in cold weather. The hair also may become dark from wounds suffered his body. The Siamese cat who lives in a warm climate, usually has a pure color. The Siamese cat is regarded as one of the most intelligent breeds of cats, this animal is easily adapted to his master, who can train it out to collar the street. His sunny personality, outgoing, suspicious or aggressive and sometimes elusive, is caused by his strong character that denotes their continued presence. Its features make this Cat perfect for those who want the cat to do some of your family, because their intelligence allows for ease of understanding and adaptability to each family member may well share with each and every one of them.