proventis GmbH presents blue ant iPhone app is to retrieve important project and ticket information on the go via Smartphone for several years for blue Ant user possible. For more information see Dean Ornish M.D. With the new”blue ant iPhone app the mobile services expanded. Blue Ant iPhone app is available iPhone users free through the Apple AppStore available. With the app, blue-ant users have the opportunity to cover working hours, as well as completion of projects. Also offers blue ant iPhone app the ability to retrieve existing working hours online.

In addition to the, iPhone app the proventis GmbH presents the new blue ant version 8.2. Highlights of this release are among the fully integrated report generator bird. Blue Ant can make within all reports users of blue ant itself. Tables, reports, status reports to the graphical elements, everything is possible. In addition, users now have the opportunity, input elements, such as list boxes, or Checkboxes and many others, to define itself. Still significantly expanded the workflow of the project life cycle from the idea up to the end of. Interested in 2, stand Nr. B50 via the Web-based multi project management software have the opportunity, on the blue ant stand in Hall blue ant to inform.

Also individual interview appointments can be made through the website of proventis GmbH. Proventis core competence of proventis GmbH is the continuous further development of the Web-based multi project management software blue ant, with which the proventis GmbH successfully operates since 2001 on the market. To accompany the implementation of blue ant are proventis and their partner companies an advisory role in the development of project management tools and methods to the page.