Treatments at the dentist will be more expensive? Boost the GOZ planned a smile says more than a thousand words”, and it is said that’s true! A person with a lovely smile shines on us, so we perceive friendly and self-confident they closed up. But not everyone is blessed with beautiful, white and healthy teeth. The dentist helps the dental health and the aesthetics of our teeth, but you pay to have these things mostly out of his own pocket. In Germany, the treatments, the patient must pay for private, are listed in the GOZ (fees of dentists) and exactly these GOZ to be adjusted now to January 2012. The adjustment of the GOZ is the first for more than 20 years and is certainly useful in some areas.

Since the GOZ is older, some treatment methods, which at that time did not exist, just also still not listed. This means that the dentist could settle up until now these services at its discretion, without a basis. These treatment methods are now in the GOZ recorded and thus gain a settlement security dentists and patients. Likewise, the fees of certain treatments and measures the GOZ are deprecated. These are probably increased up to 20%.

This fall such as the fees for the two surface inlay filling. For this, patients from January to pay about 100 euros more. Likewise, charges for crowns are increased. A full Crown costs up to 237 euros more then up to 74 euros and a telescopic Crown. Not every patient can just pay the high cost. Many people need to save long for necessary dental treatment or you can perform only the bare essentials of the dentist. Who completes a private dental insurance in time, you can avoid this problem. The dental insurance refunded most of the dental Bill, also of treatments that are billed according to the GOZ in the event of illness. On the German market, there are a number on different dental insurance, which distinguish themselves not only by the post. The reimbursement levels and also the amount of reimbursable services vary from insurance company to insurance company. You can win a first overview of the different prices on the Internet. So-called online fare calculator show after entering some data, which tariffs for a suitable. You can display multiple tariffs in a direct comparison and read the advantages or disadvantages of tariffs. You then find a favorite, you can request also an obligation-free offer via this online calculator. This offering consists of the request for the dental insurance, as well as the General conditions of insurance (AVB) of the insurance company. For concluding only the insurance application must be supplemented and be sent back to the insurance company thus being prepared for the future against any increase in the GOZ. Steffanie Schwertl