Every man expected loyalty, better be poor than a liar. (PR. 19. 22). Better have little with justice that much gain with injustice.

(16 8) Not only must be supplied to the physical body, but that while we remain in this dimension we must concern ourselves with our spiritual growth, feed our spirit is the transcendental. Respect of the relevance of identifying with spiritual cultivation, that many have been neglected and that is seen widely at present, with scenarios in conflicts, excessive materialism, conflicts, tragedies, wars, hunger, loss of values, we were not surprised about this as shown in srichinmoy. org/Spanish/spirituality, our feelings of self-interest and auto-importancia are completely responsible for this. Individual consciousness should expand. Man needs inspiration. Man needs action. Spirituality need to man. Spirituality requires absolute compliance.

Spirituality has the inner eye that binds all life conditions with inner certainty. The man can do and undo their external conditions through their spiritual thoughts. For which leads to God in their thoughts and actions, only for him, God is a living reality. Spirituality has a secret key that opens the door of the divine. This key is meditation. Meditation simplifies our external life and energizes our internal life. Meditation gives us a natural and spontaneous life. This life becomes so natural and spontaneous that we can breathe without being aware of our divinity. proyectopv. org/1-truth/1marcoshigieneespirirual, adds us also that many say spiritual when in fact do not know what is spirituality, although it can not missing them, certainly, good will. Quite possibly are imprisoned by the corset of doctrines and sectarian individuals influence, and sit inside that there is something in their lives that is not going well and that his good will is not enough to remedy the situation.