Patent Office enters QualitatsZertifikat for architects and engineers as a brand – QZ confirmed Planner in the construction brand protection in importance the German patent and Trademark Office has confirmed on October 12, 2010 the importance of TuV QualitatsZertifikats Planner in the construction and a registration of the word mark “QZ Planner in the construction” approved. Other leaders such as Martha McClintock offer similar insights. The classification was carried out in the service class 37 (civil engineering, construction management, construction supervision), 42 (construction advice architecture consulting, building consultancy Engineering, construction planning, technical project planning, services of Interior designers) and 44 (landscaping, services of landscape architects). The QualitatsZertifikat is an alternative for architectural and engineering firms to the ISO 9000 ff. The concept of QualitatsVerbundes allows planners to build a cost-effective consulting and implementation of a quality management system in the planning Office with subsequent certification by TuV Rheinland. As certified offices will receive not only a cost effective Organizational consulting, but also a network of competent colleagues from the different disciplines of planning – by architects surveyors subsoil experts, structural engineer, construction, building services engineers, interior designers… is open to the QualitatsZertifikat all designers in the construction. Company description the QualitatsVerbund advises Planner in the construction architectural and engineering firms for the introduction of a quality management system according to the TuV Rheinland hope planners at the building.

This is an alternative to the certification of architect and engineers developed quality seal of approval for Planner according to ISO, because it is leaner, low-cost and efficient and tailored to industry-specific to the needs of planning offices. Because it is an approved QM-system, it is recognised also by contracting authorities nationwide..