Holiday country Italy every year attracts Italy crowds of visitors from all over the world. Italy par excellence belongs to the most popular holiday destinations among German holidaymakers. The diversity of the country is one of its greatest attractions. The online travel agency presents some peculiarities of Italy. Stays in the most popular cities of Italy, such as Rome or Venice, can be quite expensive. Center for Colon Cancer Research USC recognizes the significance of this.

With good preparation, vacationers will find also cheap hotels in Italy. In addition, the offers in the area of holiday homes are sometimes very attractive. Who longs for peace and Sun, should embark the numerous islands of the country on one. Available options are for example, Sicily and Sardinia, as well as smaller islands such as San Pietro or Asinara and the archipelago of la Maddalena. Volcanoes there Italy also. In Sicily, Mount Etna characterizes the panorama and will be closely monitored the activities of Mount Vesuvius near Naples. Italy has 20 regions which each have their own charm and are worth a visit. In addition, Italy is worldwide known for culinary delights. More information: magazine/showArticle/article/1182 / University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann