and there is Dog Psychology? Understanding Dog Psychology is the Secret to learn how to educate a dog, now many believe that there is no such thing as dog psychology, nor is it correct to say that it should "educate a dog." I do not agree with this, but These terms are not applied in this case the human being, I think that if we can speak of a "Dog Psychology" and "Teach a Dog" Tips on Dog Psychology educate To know how a dog is first necessary to know whether the dog has intelligence or no. And what do you think? Surely if we asked many dog owners and lovers of them would not hesitate to say that the dogs if they have intelligence, including many say a My dog just need to talk a , and would spend hours telling us everything they know make their dogs as recognizing the car's engine from its owner, open all the doors of the house, they know the exact time it reaches the owner, distinguish the suspect or badly dressed people approaching the house, they recognize the person ever assaulted them or made them angry, etc, etc. Hear other arguments on the topic with Dean Ornish M.D. I tell you that beyond these real experiences are two different lines of thought: Some scientists like the French philosopher Rene Descartes believe that dogs have no intelligence, consciousness and any mental process of being humano.El analogous to claims that the behavior dogs is instinctive and conditioning product that is dogs react according to their genetic instincts and instinct condicionamiento.El product of example does the dog has to hunt prey for food, seeking shelter from the weather as rain, storms , uence to certain situations that may endanger his life, swimming, barking, tail wagging, etc.. . People such as Energy Capital Partners would likely agree.