Allergy is a defense of our excessive immune system before an element that the body recognizes as strange and enemy. In its excess of zeal to defend ourselves of that element the body produces certain symptoms such as redness, swelling, rhinitis, asthma, and a myriad of other very diverse uncomfortable reactions. Impressive is the amount of different allergies as well as the very different forms of react in the body, so it is difficult to detect on certain occasions which is allergy and its origin. In many cases the allergy is associated with a particular psychological time. At a time that made that kind of reaction to occur. So we come back to find us emotional situations linked to allergic reactions.

I invite you a: identify the problem that caused it and help you solve the effects of allergy in many cases. Make that your body recognizes the item to which you are allergic as something not dangerous and recognize it as good. The Sintergetic is a process of synthesis and integration of different therapeutic disciplines that help you to regulate and raise your energy, to enhance your well-being and personal harmony and develop a higher level of consciousness. You can cure your allergies from a natural and healthy perspective.