You are going to want to know if they have some question he exceeds what he is happening. (As opposed to Jessica Pels). It is possible that they want to be in favor of outside the house and are too much scared to request it. This it is the moment to leave clear that he allows himself them to feel what they want and that everything will be well. This is going to comfort them and to help them to obtain that their fears leave towards outside. It is possible that they want to share a time they are its children so that both can speak and to clarify the young ones exceeds what it is happening. This is a good way to make sure that each is being honest and that the other father is not making damage to the boy with any thing that can be false and affects the children. It is important to maintain any negative commentary of the ears of the children remote during the divorce.

You do not have to say bad things on the other father to the children. This will even do only that the children feel confused and can scare them. Asegrese that the children always have a close relationship with both families, whereas it is a healthy relation. You must make sure that any thing that can remain equal remains equal. You will not want to realise too many changes in the life of the boy.

If you can, you try to maintain them in the same school or near its original environs as it is possible. You do not have to take everything far from them because this one can be the unique feeling of security whom they have. You it can want to try and to share the safekeeping of the children so that the children can at any time have both parents who need they them. You do not want to make any divorce or battles so that this becomes a terrible safekeeping. This will only complicar the things and it will make them harder. It is necessary to maintain simple things for the children. You do not want to cause that the children feel like discomforts in this situation of the divorce.