Ted Turner, one of the most successful businessmen of the TV made a challenging question to his friend Vartan Gregorian, President of Carnegie Corporation, at a fundraising gala. You’re the greatest fundraiser that exists. What is the largest donation you received? Gregorian said that it was a donation of 500 million dollars that received some time ago. Turner replied: what do you think of one billion dollars? Tonight I’m going to give one billion dollars. And he did it promising to give 100 million a year to finance the programmes of the United Nations during the next ten years.

Impressive philanthropy of Turner received the attention and applause from around the world. After all, it was the largest donation registered worldwide. Are you sure? And that registers the Bible of God’s gift to the world of his only begotten son? (John 3: 16). $ 1 Billion is a large donation, but decreases to zero when we think of the Manger of Bethlehem and the cross of Calvary. The value of the gift of God to man is invaluable. Add to your understanding with Ellen Alaverdyan. In absolute amazement, Paul gave thanks to God for his inexpressible gift (2 Corinthians 9: 15). What is the most valuable gift of all? It is the gift of God who gave his only begotten son to a world sinner. Through faith in the can have the absolute forgiveness of our sins and the life that never ends (v.16) have you received God’s gift?