Finally, these authors also present mannering analyses of the relation between dficits of verbal behaviors, dficits of social behaviors and disruptive behaviors. Finally, they detach that reinforcing contingencies, which operates during the first year, fortify disruptive repertoires of avoidance and behaviors that can in turn hinder or inhibit the development of the language and social behaviors. Malott (2004) shares the same vision of Drash and Tudor in what it says respect to the etiology of the autismo and adds that the well-succeeded interventions more with autistas repertoires involve to remove contingencies that strengthen autistas behaviors, adding contingencies of performance management that apiam the learning of adequate behaviors and the pareamento of stimulatons and events with stiffener to create stiffener learned adequate. However, some authors had made some critical ones to the proposal of Drash and Tudor to provide an exclusively mannering explanation for the etiology with the TEA. Carr and Leblanc (2004) point with respect to the number of existing evidences that apiam the theory of the autismo as a neurobiolgico upheaval and that, however, had been left of side for those authors. Additionally, the absence of bigger evidences that explain its mannering model and the not-mention of the paper of the social behavior in the development of typically autistas behaviors is other critical ones made for Carr and Leblanc to the theory of Drash and Tudor. Romanczyk and Gillis (2004) also criticize the lack of support of the theory of mannering contingencies in data proceeding from research, a time that the neurobiolgico-mannering model extensively is based on scientific data. Already Hall (2004) affirms that the described contingencies for Drash and Tudor as potential ' ' causas' ' of the TEA they are not only of an environment in which autista child is inserted, but yes that these contingencies also occur with individuals diagnosised with other upheavals of the development and also with children without diagnosis of any upheaval.