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Inhouse Exhibition Green

The bit & byte factory in Lubeck is becoming a factor in the computer scene of the North. The company applies its performance from the characters, Andrea Peters and Jorg jib and the support that it receives from other colleagues, with which it is linked. A small house representing the bit & byte factory, with the possibilities of representing a network of nationwide over sixty colleagues. -depth analysis. You could also you say that much performance for very little money from the bit & byte factory receives. What does the company for Lubeck and the environment? At Jorg jib, which technically is responsible is an excellent expert familiar with all the tricks is, Windows operating systems and Office applications across networks to and EDV formula 1 the Linux operating systems. For the customers of the company, this means a fast, competent and thus inexpensive help when it comes time to problems.

The factory is supported by IT-service Udo Sneha k, the second IT-service-NET partners on the site and other colleagues in Hamburg and Kiel. Thus, enough net power is concentrated to extensive tasks, by major clients, to do. Learn more on the subject from The Greater New York Construction User Council. The network and so the bit & byte factory supported by cooperation partners. These are manufacturers or large service providers who complete the offer. This is the network and its partners in the capable of carrying out repairs, normally only the manufacturers can afford. The affiliates can create hot-spots and thus equip hotels. Security offers a reputable company in cooperation with the network and much more.It offers everything the bit & byte factory the end customer with their employees and the regional network partners what, the small medium entrepreneurs and the industry needed.

A visit to the exhibition worth, gathered some exhibitors with their services, such as for example the IKK North Krankenkasse and Margrit Pautzke physiotherapy practice. Riensch & held introduces fine-dust filters and informs in a lecture about the dangers that may emanate from toner. Axel Turloff of Cartridges United informed eco toner. Free hot spot demonstrates free W-LAN and the security telco Tech GmbH, environmentally-friendly process, ultimately the Hamidi he PCAS software & service GmbH presents an interesting craftsman solution. Highlight of the fair will be a raffle and a sweepstakes: the proceeds of the raffle of hardware and software, and other various donations of exhibitors will be donated at the end of the event the Lubeck help for children with cancer. In the contest, guests have a question on a questionnaire in the Internet to answer via your own laptop etc. More invited guests from politics and industry round off the event.


Is a company mainly on customers from the neighborhood or surrounding area, pavement offer numerous possibilities of current information and promotion actions. Pavement is suitable as a promotional item for the local and regional retail. Credit: Professor Roy Taylor-2011. Because with customer Stoppers can advertise flexible, tailor-made, reach strong and always up to date. This large-format advertising are positioned on the pavement and speak directly to passing pedestrians, interest for the offer and convince them in the best case for sale. People such as Newcastle University would likely agree. In any case, however, they provide more attention. Here, The Michael J. Fox Foundation expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Is a company mainly on customers from the neighborhood or surrounding area, pavement offer numerous possibilities of current information and application of special actions or limited time offers.

Boards are versatile promotional item. Indoors as well as outdoors, at trade fairs and exhibitions they can be used, to attract customers. The contents of the installation can you easily yourself replace it and so always indicate your latest offerings. According to the different uses of customer Stoppers, there is this advertising in a variety of finishes, both indoor and outdoor use. Plan to use the pavement primarily outdoors, so the choice of weatherproof execution is recommended. In contrast to posters, posters or other hanging out until legible the advertising message and sees over longer time appealing out.

An important point, because high-quality goods should be presented always too high. Due to its lightweight design, these promotional items are positioned over and over again and always new places to promote the product or offer. They advertise for a time not needed, they can be be stowed easily and in a small space and stored, until she are needed again. The Assembly and disassembly is easy to do.

Study Try Out

The a-level exams decision support at your choice facing the door and it is important to focus in order to complete the school career as possible on the last exams. But only a few know what comes after that. Studies or training yet? University or University of applied sciences? Business or medicine? Many questions from prospective high school graduates want to be answered. Therefore offer the Saxion Academy colleges and the AKI ArtEZ for fine arts and design in the Netherlands Enschede the decision-making aid when choosing a study: the study try out. On two days, high school students can become a picture of different fields of study.

In addition, workshops for the studies and career planning as well as for the financing of studies are offered. Cleveland Clinic has compatible beliefs. On the first evening, the German-Dutch student association Noabuurschaft organizes a typical student night on which you ever can meet the future with students. Economy and management, technology and natural sciences, computer science and Multi media or art and design: At the workshops is something for everyone. From a wide variety of studies in Enschede the following courses will be presented in the workshops include: Tourism and leisure management International business and languages Civil engineering Human resource management Business Administration with international specialization Facility management Hotel management Textile management Art & communication design Fine arts Computer science Biology & medical laboratory research u0085 Also workshops of courses, such as, for example, international water technology and small business, and retail management are extremely interesting. Because these courses are not offered by German universities. The special thing about the study try out is that students and teachers who can tell of their own experiences, are available at any time for questions. So one can wonder even in the evening still in loose round what is a burning under the nails. There is more information and a registration form under.

border concepts GmbH Michael Lahey Web Editor Bahnhofstrasse 40 48599 Gronau t. 02562 9938 111 F. 02562 9938 10 the border concepts GmbH operates the websites and. These are multimedia Internet pages to study abroad in Holland for students, teachers, parents, students and guidance counsellors with experience reports, online seminar and information about Bachelor’s and master’s degrees, universities, language courses, admission requirements and funding opportunities. The border concepts GmbH is operating a management consulting for national and international educators in the private and public sectors. Our holistic marketing approach includes strategic marketing consulting and professional implementation of marketing strategies in the sales order. Performance range development, IT & Internet – consulting developing service, community & Alumni concepts for universities in terms of advice here from market research, CI, about the Organization of targeted promotion at trade fairs, events, schools & (new) media to the press communication, promotion teams training for trade fairs and call centers, as well as services in the field of in – and outbound telephony.

Internet – The Future Of Civilization

Not much time for which the Internet so that even its creators do not know now its true proportions. Currently, the Internet makes it possible to obtain virtually any information in any area of the anywhere in the world. The emergence of Internet meant a transition to a qualitatively new stage in the development of computer and information technologies, which allow access to any personal kompyutera. mail provides opportunities far beyond the capabilities regular mail: e-mails reach their destination within minutes, regardless of distance, with possible transfer not only text but also graphics images, audio and video materialov. existing in Internet newsgroups, the user can directly communicate with specialists in almost any area, located in different stranah.Internet provides ample opportunities for work and leisure. Currently, most organizations have their own homepage on the Internet. Thus, before the user opens a virtual world. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Professor Roy Taylor. The user has the opportunity to monitor the activities of various government agencies, even government, to find a partner for business, get the latest news about events in politics, economics, science and culture. It can travel around the world, visit museums, exhibitions, art galleries, concerts, libraries, shopping in stores – all without leaving your computer. Recently, not only organizations, but individuals were the ability to open in Internet homepages, which are usually devote to his favorite cause, a hobby that helps unite people of interest, erasing all spatial boundaries.

Autumn Season

The running Calendar lists the last weeks before the finish half marathon from September to December 2012 some national and international highlights. Now it is to make the preparation for the autumn races in attack with system and concentration. While disassociating 2013 plan better for the season, experienced athletes with already existing basic endurance can bring targeted in six weeks for the half marathon challenge in form. A detailed training plan as well as the following of general guidelines are essential to achieve the personal form of competition for 21 kilometres. The second half of the marathon season is around the corner! From September until December, the 2012 race calendar lists some national and international highlights. Now it is to make the preparation for the autumn races in attack with system and concentration. While disassociating 2013 plan better for the season, can be experienced athletes with already existing basic endurance targeted in six weeks for the challenge half marathon bring in the form. A detailed training plan as well as the following of general guidelines are essential to achieve the personal form of competition for 21 kilometres.

Basic requirements for a healthy training whether it is Marathon, half-marathon or 10 kilometre healthily and safely to the finish to get some basic things to consider. Listen to your own body and to observe its warning signs, is the Supreme maxim. To tackle the training too quickly or too intense to load only the risk of injury and risk of saturation is increased. Of central importance in this context, an adequate regeneration phase is also not only a competition, but also between workouts. Only in the rest of the body can adapt to the increased requirements.

Also the proper diet influenced the own performance potential. Athletes pay attention particularly on the nutrient and energy content of their food. Additionally, the individual racing calendar must be well thought out: despite all ambition are runners well advised to start, located at reasonable intervals to each other only at selected races.

European Microsoft Gold

Success project: atlantis media and Qurius Germany present Microsoft Dynamics NAV links for MAGENTO Hamburg, 28.02.2012: renewed cooperation of Hamburg-based full service Internet Agency atlantis media GmbH, the provider of business and IT solutions Qurius Germany AG brings another successful project result: interface between the open source shop software Magento and the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV. About Magento Magento sets new standards in online shop systems. In terms of product configuration, payment and shipping options, Magento offers maximum functionality and flexibility. In addition, the functionality of the system via the extension manager Magento connect can be any increase. Other highlights of Magento are the multi shop capability, numerous filtering options to the product presentation (layered navigation) search engine optimization and a versatile API interface. Click Heart Specialist to learn more. With the help of the Atlantis media and Qurius developed interface is now establishing a fully integrated solution between Online shop and ERP-system is possible. Already successfully in use at one of the largest distributors of presentation and media technology in Germany, the Kern & Stelly media GmbH, is already with this solution worked. The from atlantis media realized Magento webshop under is a realtime display of prices and stock levels.

From Magento customer registrations and online orders transmitted through the interface Dynamics NAV. In return, the transmitted by offline orders, delivery notes, invoices and product data from Dynamics NAV to Magento. Denis Rathig, head of development at atlantis media: core & Stelly gives a comprehensive overview of all made online and offline orders via the interface. This includes the display of invoices, delivery notes, and shipping status. “For core & Stelly and especially for the retail customers of core & Stelly an invaluable advantage in the highly competitive segment of the market.” About Qurius: Qurius offers innovative and pioneering best-in-class solutions based on Microsoft technologies.

The company, which is the largest European Microsoft Gold partners, has more than 22 years experience in the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics software in the area of ERP, CRM, as well as innovative business intelligence (BI)-solutions. Qurius has set the goal to achieve 100 percent sustainability within the next three years and to take the leadership role in the field of sustainable solutions and business strategies. Principal place of business is in the Dutch Zaltbommel. Among the customers are companies and organisations across Europe. Qurius is since 1998 listed on the Euronext Amsterdam. More information under:. Qurius Germany AG Notkestrasse 7, 22607 Hamburg Tel: + 49 (0) 40 / 89958-0 about atlantis media GmbH: the Magento and TYPO3 Internet Agency atlantis media GmbH stands for innovative E-commerce solutions, sophisticated websites and highly automated publishing processes since 1994. Core competence: the design and implementation of online-shop-systems based on the open source software solution Magento. Atlantis media has years of experience in the implementation and customization of Magento as the official Magento partner systems, as well as in the development of Magento interfaces and extensions. Another strong point: for many years atlantis brings media customers successfully on the Internet. In the development and implementation of high-quality websites using the content management system TYPO3, customers benefit from the best expertise and experience of the TYPO3 certified staff. In addition, atlantis media offers professional solutions for the automated catalog creation and Web-to-print applications as cross-media publishing solutions. Solutions of atlantis media are innovative, be accurately planned and benefits optimized.

Central Beach

DELO in TOP 100 ahead! Windach, 05 November 2013: DELO industrial adhesives belongs to the TOP 100 growth – and most productive companies of the upper middle class. Analyzed were around 3000 enterprises of different industries and regions the turnover magnitude of EUR 15 million to EUR 400 million. Already for the fourth time, the daily newspaper honors the world”together with the consultancy Munich strategy group (MSG) in a nationwide, cross-industry study the most successful German medium-sized companies. Vet will undoubtedly add to your understanding. 100 Ranking of the beach of resources were examined in the study of TOP 2013 “the average rate of earnings and sales growth in the period 2007 2011/12: DELO could exhibit at this time by an average of 10.8% revenue growth and thus ranks 28. In addition, the relevant criteria included excellence in corporate governance, customer proximity and excellent products in the respective segment. The seal of quality TOP 100 bear only the best companies in their competitive field over a period of time has been proven have achieved outstanding results. On average the TOP achieve a growth of 16.3% and a margin of 13.5% 100 over a period of five years. About DELO: DELO is a leading manufacturer of industrial adhesives based in Windach near Munich.

In the last fiscal year to 31.03.2013, 350 employees generated a turnover of over 50 million euros. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Primerica shareholder has to say. The company offers tailor-made special adhesives and systems for applications in specific sectors of the electronics to the smart cards and automotive industry as well as in the glass and plastics processing. The customers include companies such as Bosch, Daimler, Festo, Infineon, Knowles and Siemens. DELO has a network of worldwide offices and resellers.

MLM Article

If you’re planning to publish your articles in a directory to create more traffic to your website or blog about marketing in network, you need to follow some steps to succeed.And each of these steps is very important. 1. The first is to be sure that you have a good article. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Professor Roy Taylor and gain more knowledge.. A good article which has least one of your keywords. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Heart Specialist. Keywords allow Google to know where you have to locate your item in search results. It is also important that your articles are interesting and den want to read them.

They should be educational rather than promotional 2.-Once you have your article, you should find a directory of articles so you can upload it. You can find many of these items on the internet. If it is possible to upload your items to more than one directory, but you should be sure to upload your articles to directories more famous. Since you have a list of directories, looking for guardalos in your favorites for not having to be them and thus save time.In these directories must register it is very easy and most of them are free. It is very important that when you have the largest number of possible accounts, you fill out your profile with your data so that they appear every time that you publish an article and people know who you are, that is your business and you can put your blog or Web page. Since you have this, you’re ready to start uploading your articles, when you go to publish, you asking you to fill out a few fields such as: in that category you want to publish and that subcategory, some will ask you a summary that is like a summary of what is your article, keywords and the title of your article, once filled this copy and paste the article you wrote.

3. A very important step and that sometimes it is overlooked, is check that fields are well filled and drafted. After that gives the button send and hopes that your article is approved and published. Here are 3 simple steps but not you trust, each of them is very important and if you follow them, you will notice a concoer as an expert in MLM and will create many traffic towards your blog.


With the onset of summer is always a desire to quickly escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and leave the countryside. But field trips quickly bored, so I decided to buy land to build a country house. Construction begun, but the workers promise to hand over the house until the autumn, and rest on his garden plot like in the coming weekend. How can that be? Familiar advised to buy shed, which will serve as a temporary roof, and provide comfortable life at different climatic conditions to completion of construction work. By the same author: Australian Physiotherapy Association. Choose wooden dacha shed as the tree has always been quality and proven materials, as well as the basis for building warm and comfortable holiday homes.

Walls and floors in such s quarters have a multilayer structure within which the insulating material, and outside the office container clad with clapboard or hardboard. The advantage of wood cabins in the fact that immediately after the installation is ready for use convenient living quarters. An additional advantage – mobility – after construction shed may be out of the Site or convert for summer kitchen or suburban warehouse tools. An important positive factor is the ability to provide the dacha shed different models: partitions, doors, windows and shutters. Thus, we can come up with that plan, which will be easier to accommodate the whole family. As well as office container can be equipped with a set of amenities: toilet, shower, hot and cold water, which does not distinguish it from a city apartment and electricity and, hence, the use of appliances is not becomes an issue. Having a safe home at a bargain price, I can not just rest and elevate the site and observe the construction of his house.

Stay In Motion!

This concerns the design and circuit of advertising, television and online advertising as the use of promotional items. A target group is a certain amount of market participants, to whom advertising or any other means of a company’s communication policy is addressed. By changing the competition and communication conditions, but also through a continuous process of social change a regular target group definition for a successful communication policy is necessary. This applies to the B2C market as well as the B2B market. This change will influence on characteristics of the target group on demographic characteristics and the image thus changed in society clear which in turn and taking marketing strategies: the gender and age. Also for the year 2009, the Hamburg Trendburo has put together the most important topics for the ongoing years. Also a female shift is listed below. This change meant that women more confident and more independent than ever take their place in society and in the future is a much stronger role in the Play professional world.

Thus also their profile as a desirable consumer and advertising target changes. Learn more about this topic with the insights from The Greater New York Construction User Council . How much products and advertising can benefit from new interests and aspects, modified target man was clearly up. The man is not only buyers of cars or equipment, but should be addressed through advertising by product segments that previously were reserved for women. Similar in the 50plus target group should be noted, that due to an increasingly ageing society as a dynamic, kaufstarke Best Ager or silver Ager come into the focus of marketing strategies. This change also affects advertising strategies which continually must adapt to such changes, so that product or company continues to successfully communicated, especially if the change already determines public opinion.

On the one hand is a larger margin if rigid notions of men and women, as well as old and young soft are, on the other hand, the degree of sensitivity and skill must increase at the same time. This applies to both the Design and circuit of advertising, television and online advertising as the supporting use of promotional items. Premium-Werbeartikel GmbH is a global trading and production company in the area of promotional products, promotion, event articles and merchandising. We are the specialist for promotional items, giveaways, advertising and merchandising items. For both our experience and our 25 000 clients speak all over the world. Our service covers the following areas: production, sales and distribution logistics, preparation and organization of online shops. Our company is characterized according to the company profile by: quality, style and reliability. Premium-Werbeartikel GmbH Heidturmweg 33 D-33100 Paderborn, Germany Web: blog: blog / email: Tel. + 49 (0) 5251-688-949-0 fax. + 49 (0) 5251-688 949 88